Midnight in Japan Poster
Midnight in Japan
is the fourth episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Yuna and her friends taking a vacation in Tokoyo with her parents and this is the first time Princess Luna ever visit Japan.

Sad Luna/Princess Yuna's idea

One day, Princess Luna felt sad because she has no plans of her own, Then Princess Yuna had an idea to cheer her up.

Inviting some friends

Princess Yuna invites her friends to cheer Luna up, Yuna suggest on going on vacation in Tokyo Japan and they'd agreed.

Arriving in Tokoyo

Yuna and her friends arrives at Tokoyo, Prince Hiro explained to her that it's where he lived when he was an Engine, That made her feel much better.

Midnight/Drift race

In midnight at the hotel, Princess Luna spoke to Yuna about spending some time in Japan, and she explained that she wanted her to be happy and the pleased Luna. Later, there was a drift race between the Hotel and down the river.

Going home/Ending

After the drift race, it was time to go home, When they got home, Princess Luna brought her own Bonsai Tree and left it on her mantel so that she'll always remember the great time she had with her own husband and daughter in Japan.



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