This is how Midnight vs. Protogirl goes in The Rise of Protogirl.

[Protogirl lands in front of Midnight who glares]

Protogirl: Silly Predalien. No match for Protogirl.

[Midnight roars and fires his horn beam at Protogirl, damaging half of her circuits]

Protogirl: [growls] Protogirl make you pay for that.

[Midnight fires his laser eyes at Protogirl, damaging one of her rockets]

Protogirl: Predalien strong. But not as strong as Protogirl in Superactive Mode.

[Protogirl superactivates]

[Midnight drags Protogirl into the water]

[But she kicks him]

Protogirl: [laughs evilly]

[Midnight grabs one of Protogirl's legs and slams her to the ground twice before throwing her]

Protogirl: [screams]

[Protogirl lands on the ground]

Protogirl: [grunts in pain] Protogirl show you who's boss!

[Midnight then gains the upper hand]

Protogirl: What?!

[Midnight fires his horn beam and laser eyes at Protogirl, damaging her]

Protogirl: [growls]

[Midnight lets out a roar of victory]

Protogirl: Predalien and friends win this time but next time, Protogirl be back and defeat Robotboy.

[Protogirl flies away]

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