This is how Midnight wins goes in The Return of Harmony Part 1.

[The Autobots and Ponies look around]

Twilight Sparkle: They have to be here somewhere.

Optimus Prime: We have obivously been walking in circles.

Applejack: But we can't give up.

Bulkhead: Yeah.

Twilight Sparkle: You're right.

Optimus Prime: We can't give up so easily.

[Suddenly, the labyrinth vanishes]

Midnight: Well, well, well. Somepony broke the "no wings; no magic" rule.

[Midnight gives the ponies their wings and horns back]

Midnight: Game's over, my little ponies and Autobots. You didn't find your precious elements. [giggling] Looks like we might be due for a big old storm of chaos! [laughter]

[Twilight looks down as Optimus looks on shocked]

[To be continued...]

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