Mighty Joe
Mighty Joe
is one of Hiatt Grey's biggest and strongest engines.



Mighty Joe is the most important and respectful engine of the crew, being the only one who can pull the express better than the other engines. And he is also very proud of his job, and he can sometimes led to boastfulness, which annoys the other engines. And he also despises freight cars.

Mighty Joe's philosophy "tender engines don't shunt" meant that he looked down on tank engines and tender engines who do shunt, but after being locked in the shed with Daylight and Rachel after going on strike. However, because of his rank in the social order of the railway, Mighty Joe expects to get the important passenger jobs and either sulks when he does not and gets jealous of engines who do.

Sometimes, Mighty Joe acts as a bully, particularly towards Knockout, but following misadventures where Knockout had to help him, Mighty Joe had to acknowledge that, Knockout is still a very useful engine.

Sometimes, Mighty Joe shows a kinder side and gives the engines some advice, usually after he has had some mishap as a result of his foolhardiness.

Physical Appearance

Mighty Joe is a Pere Marquette 1225 2-8-4 (Berkshire) tender engine. Colored Black with his name in yellow letter on his tender.

Main Weaponry

  • M61 Vulcan Mini-gun