The episode begins with Tommy arriving late to one of his classes. Ms Appleby assigns the students to write about someone they know and make some suggestions on what should be change about them. During martial practice, Tommy asks for suggestions and Jason & Bakumaru says his problem is that he is quite forgetful. He asks Cream, Souffle, Kimberly and Trini for help. On the moon, Rita & Nyanma plans to use the badges of darkness to turn some putties into Mutant Rangers. Goldar trains six of them at the beach. Five of them pass, but the sixth fails miserably, and is sent away by Goldar. The other five putties become the Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Green Rangers. Since no one is worthy enough to become a Red Ranger, Goldar destroys the last badge and Rita has to create a leader for the team. At the park, Tommy, Bakumaru, Cream and Kimberly are confronted by the Green and Pink Mutant Rangers. The two fight their respective Mutant counterparts, but are easily defeated. Back at the Command Center, Zordon & Princess Aura explains to them what Rita & Nyanma did. However, there is no Red Mutant Ranger, and Rita & Nyanma is on the verge of creating their leader, Commander Crayfish. The next day, Billy & Nyorori creates a device that reminds Tommy of what he has to do. Unfortunately, the device malfunctions and to make things worse, the Mutant Rangers and their leader have arrived at the beach. Tommy leaves to work on his homework, leaving his communicator in his locker. Pooh & The Others The other Rangers & The 12 Warriors arrive at their beach and fight their respective mutant counterparts. Tommy finds his communicator in his locker and is informed about the battle. He morphs into the Green Ranger and joins with orbit the fight with Green Mutant Ranger. The Mutant Rangers prove to be too tough for the Power Rangers as they know all of their moves and even used their Power Blaster against them. Zordon & Princess Aura teleports them to the Command Center. He gives them new, more powerful weapons and the Rangers rejoin the fight and with the help of their restored to good time shifters The Cardians who wished to help them since they were restored to good from Twinman and his recent fake ranger incident. The two teams are now evenly matched and both form their Power Blasters. The Rangers' blaster overpowers the Mutants' one and the Yellow and Pink Mutant Rangers are thrown into the air by the explosion (and are never seen again). Rita & Nyanma makes the Commander Crayfish and the remaining Rangers grow. The Rangers fight them with their Dinozord Megazord and Dragonzord along with the Cardians shapeshift into Cardian-Master. Dragonzord and Kirinda fight the Mutant Rangers while the Megazord and Cardian-Master fight Crayfish. After taking a beating, Crayfish and the mutants combine their powers to fight the zords, and begin to win the fight. However, the Rangers summon Titanus and merge all three zords together forming Ultrazord while Kirinda combine with Cardian-Master to become Cardiandazord, allowing them to destroy Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers, to the dismay of Rita & Nyanma. Back at school, Bulk and Skull dress up and act like "gentlemen" and present the teacher with a present. However, she asks them to open the box since she had just done her nails. Without much choice, they open the box and are covered with silly string.


Goldar: Okay That's Enough You Clumsy Clay Brains

Goldar: It's Time To Begin The Mutant Ranger Training

Gen'En: Not Bad Nº.3

Goldar: No

Gen'En: Good, Good

Goldar: No You Nº6 Now You Try Again

Gen'En: No Nº6 You Are Going To Make A Clay Puddle When Rita & Nyanma Finish With You

Gen'En: The Training Its Complete

Goldar: And Now We Made A Decision

Gen'En: You No.6 Are Going Back To The Clay Jar Of Finster & Rouran's Workshop

Goldar: With These Badges Of Darkness You We'll Be An Evil Twin Of A Power Ranger

Gen'En: No One Can Become The Evil Red Ranger

Goldar: Now It's MUTANT TIME

The Mutant Rangers Appears

Kimberly: Whoa What's Goin On

Bakumaru: What's Worst Twinman's Or Them

Dave Felis: Both Things

The Pink & Green Ranger Appears

Kimberly: Should We Morph

Tommy: Not Yet Let's See What These Guys Are All About

Evil Green Mutant: What's The Matter Tommy Something Look Familiar Come On Let's See How You Got

Tommy: Here Goes

Bakumaru: Come And Get Us You Evil Copycat

They Begin To Fight

Evil Pink Mutant: Kinda Like Fight In A Mirror

Tommy: Man These Guys Are Hardcore

Evil Pink Mutant: I'l Be Back!

Souffle: I Don't Believe It Rita & Nyanma Created Their Own Evil Rangers Again

Bakumaru: And They Know Every Of Our Moves They're More Worst Than Twinman

Tommy: We Better Contact Zordon And The Princess And The Others

Dave Felis: Good Idea

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Nyanma: Excelent Work Guys!

Gen'En: Everything March Perfectly

Rita: A Right Sucess

Jyuken: Hotshot

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Tommy: Who Are These Guys Princess

Kimberly: Yeah We Didn't Scratch Them

Aura: There Could Be One Explination

Zordon: Rita And Nyanma Have Employed The Badges Of Darkness

Dave Felis: Badges Of Darkness?

Aura: Powerful Pseudo Morphing Devices

Zordon: Rita & Nyanma Have Use Them To Turn Putties Into Evil Mirror Images Of Yourselves

Pochiro: And They Have The Same Powers Than We Do

Zordon: Correct Pochiro

Jason: But Princess Why Is There A Red Mutant

Aura: Rita & Nyanma Have Yet To Create A Powerful Leader

Aura: But There's No Telling When They Sucseed

Aura: And Command Their Evil Mutants To Destroy The World

Alpha: Aiye Aiye Aiye It Makes My Tubes Scrambled

Talen: And Then What We Do Now

All The Time Shifters Are Worried

Bakumaru: This Is Going To Be Harder Than We Thought

Dave Felis: Same Here

Alpha: Zordon, Princess Aura

Alpha: It's Rita And Nyanma Have Make Their Move

Aura: You Most Contact Pooh And The Others & The Power Rangers Inmediatly Alpha

The Communicator And The ETO Badge Sounds

Jason: Go Ahead Zordon, Aura We Read You

Zordon: Power Rangers, Everyone Rita & Nyanma Have Sent A Special Monster To Be The Read Leader Of The Mutant Rangers

Dave Felis: We're Take Care Of Him

Aura: Commander Crayfish Its In Angel Grove's Shoreline

Aura: You Must Stop Him Before Heads In Land

Pooh: What About Tommy

Zordon: For Some Reason Its Not Responding His Communicator As Soon We Contact He We Join You

Drago: We're On Our Way Zordon

Bakumaru: Ready!


Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Saber-Toothed Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

The Power Rangers Appears

Bakumaru: Ready For Us

Crayfish: So You Come To Play

Bakumaru: We're Not Going To Play Command It's Time For You Going Put Out Of Commision

ALL: Yeah

Crayfish: Oh You Little Mouse

Crayfish: It's MUTANT TIME!

The Putties Begins To Transform Into The Mutant Rangers

Crayfish: Now You'll Se How The Real Rangers Are

Puttie nº1: Im After You Blue

Puttie nº2: Hey Trini You Want To Play Too

Puttie nº3: Nice To Meet You Zack

Puttie Nº4: Told Ya I'l Be Back

Dave Felis: This Is Completley Absurd What's With Them

Kimberly: You May Think Look Like Us That's Really Enough

Cream: Hey I Seen Better Clones Like That Dastardly Of Twinman

Crayfish: You Will See Little Landlover We Have A Real Leader

Bakumaru: Let The Games Begins

Bakumaru Activates His Saber

And They Begin To Fight

Meanwhile In Angel Grove's High School

The Communicator Sounds

Tommy: Princess Aura, This Is Tommy Come In

Aura: Tommy You Must Go To The Angel Grove Shoreline The Other Rangers Need Your Help

Tommy: I'm On My Way, Prepare Orbit To Go

The MMPR Logo Appears

Tommy: Dragonzord!

The Green Ranger And Orbit Enter In Action

Crayfish: Green Ranger I Want Some One To Meet

The Green Mutant Ranger Appears

And The Fight Continues

The Battle Scene

Rita: Magic Wand Make My Monsters Grow

Rita Uses His Magic Wand To Grow The Crayfish And The Fake Rangers

Jason: We Need Dinozord Power NOW!


The ETO Rangers Uses His Beams On His Badges To Call The Zords & Kirinda

Jason: Rangers Log On

Zack: Zack Here It's No Mistake Now

Billy: Billy Here Ready For Action

Trini: Let's Take These Guys A Double

Kimberly: All Right Let's Foil This Bug

Jason: Let's Do It

Bakumaru: Bakuretsu ETO Rangers! Forward!

They Begin To Form The Megazord

Jason: Battle Mode Sequence Now

Voice: Megazord Sequence Has Been Initiated

Voice: Megazord Activated

Tommy: I Call The Power Of Dragonzord!

Tommy: Quick Orbit Now It's Our Only Chance

Tommy Uses His Flute To Call The Dragonzord

Orbit: Get Ready Here I Come

Orbit: Orbit Shapeshift To ORBIT-MASTER! You're Finished

Orbit.M: Feel The Power!

Orbit Master Begins To Encourage The Megazord, The Dragonzord & Kirinda

Jason: All Right Time For Serve A Platter Seafood

They Begin To Fight The Crayfish & The Mutants

Bakumaru: Okay Now Im Really Furious It's Time To The Call The Power Of Cardiandazord

Bakumaru: Spirit Summon: Cardians

The Cardian Eggs Appears And Becomes The Cardians

Blademan: I Don't Believe It It Look's Like Twinman's Evil Ranger Plan

Blademan: Those Old Hags Of Rita Repulsa & Nyanma Never Give Up

Blademan: All Right It's Time To Make A Fried Crayfish

Bakumaru: That's The Plan

Blademan: Are You Thinking When I Thinking Bakumaru

Bakumaru: Time For Combine

Blademan: You Heard Him Now Boys

Cardians: Shapeshift To....


Arrow: Combining

Thud: Feel The Power Of Thud!

Cardian Master Appears


Bakumaru: The Great Advent Lancer CARDIANDAZORD!

Bakumaru's Badge Beam Reflects On Cardian-Master As Kirinda's Wings merged on Cardian-Master's Back As He Rides on Kirinda's Back And Turns Into Cardiandazord

All: We Need Ultrazord Power Now!

Titanus Appears

And Becomes The Ultrazord

Crayfish: Hey Hold It Pull Back, Pull Back

Dave Felis: That's When You Think Crustacean

Titanus Roars

Jason: Sequence Completed Weapons Locked Up

Jason: All Right Guys


Bakumaru: Release The Cardian Sword

They Relase The Cardian Sword


The Ultrazord & Cardiandazord Begin To Fire & Charged Right Through Crayfish & The Mutants

Then The Crayfish & The Mutant Rangers Explodes

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: I Just Don't Believe It

Nyanma: That's IT!

Rita & Nyanma: NO MORE SEAFOOD!

And In Angel Grove's High School

Cream: Tommy You Really Jumped

Tart: Yeah No One Is Perfect

Orbit: And Your Real Friends

Orbit: That's Exactly We're You Are


Tommy: Thanks Guys

Bakumaru: Hey Everyone Check It Out

Bakumaru And The Guys Laughs

Bulk & Skull Appears

Bulk: Oh How Good To See You Nice Lady

Bulk: We Just Returned From The Opera You Know

Skull: Yeah We Just Returned From The Opera

Bakumaru: From What The Fat Phantom Of The Opera

Bakumaru, Dave & The Male ETO Rangers Laughs

Dave Felis: That's A Good One Baku!

Skull: A Gift For Our Lovely Teacher

Ms. Appleby: It's Nice To See You Boys Take This Assignment

Ms. Appleby: Now Why You Don't Be Gentlemen And Open Up This For Me I Just Have My Nails Stuffed

Bulk: But We Don't Want To Defraud You With Pleasure

Bakumaru: Come On You Guys Don't Quit Out

Skull: Shut Up Will Ya Cheesebreath!

Ms Appelby: Please I Insist

Dave Felis: This Is I Got To See

Then Bulk & Skull Open The Box And They Are Covered With Strings

Everyone Laughs

Hols: Good Try Goofballs!

Bulk & Skull Exits

Ms. Appleby: Looks Like Some One Never Change

Everyone Laughs

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