Mike's True Love Fight is a film created by Transformersprimefan and co-directed by Ryantransformer017.


Zoey gains a painful injury after getting hit in the head with a shovel. But Mike thinks that there's something else going on. Mike has a nightmare of Zal, Zoey's evil counterpart. Can he help Zoey get rid of Zal before it's too late.


Zoey gets injured

Zoey and Mike arrive at the beach. Ryan says hello to the two. They say hi back. Crash is playing tennis with Doc Brown. Scott and Duncan are having a hole digging contest. As Zoey and Mike pass Scott, he hits Zoey in the head, knocking her out. Mike is devastated. Crash runs to Zoey asking if she is ok. But she doesn't respond. Mike thinks they should get her to Ratchet the Autobot Medic right away. Duncan agrees. Later, at the Autobot base, Ratchet examines Zoey. Ryan tells Mike that Zoey will be fine but will have multi-personality disorder. Mike sadly gives Zoey a kiss. Ryan looks at the heart monitor and notice the lines have made the title "Mike's True Love Fight". The next day, Zoey is still unconscious. Cody looks at Zoey hoping when will she wake up. Suddenly, Zoey wakes up groaning. Cody asks Zoey if she's ok. Zoey says she's fine. Cody calls to Mike saying that Zoey is ok. Mike runs in and hugs Zoey. But Zoey breathes and turns into an old lady and punches him. Cody asks Zoey what did she do that for. But Zoey tells him that her name is now Breaster. Ryan asks Cody what's going on. Cody tells him that Zoey now has multiple personality disorder. Ryan asks Zoey if she's ok. Zoey quickly retakes control. Ryan sighs as Contralto shows up to see what happened. Thomas told Crash about Zoey. Mike is excited about his true love having multiple personality disorder like him, but Ratchet warns him that using Zoey's multiple personality disorder could result in it growing out of control. Mike is dismissive of this



  • Embrace the Magic
  • We Will Stand For Everfree


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