Miku Kohinata New

Miku Kohinata is Hibiki's best friend, who shares a dorm with her and is often concerned for her safety.


Kohinata (小日向)[1] - means "A small place in the sun".

Miku (未来)[2] - can mean "Future".


Miku has aquamarine eyes and short dark green hair. She is most often seen wearing the Lydian Music Academy uniform with a light yellow ribbon tied to the back of her head.


Miku is helpful and cheery, but constantly worries about Hibiki due to the danger she frequently finds herself in as a Symphogear user. She has a hidden deeply possessive streak towards Hibiki, which was exploited along with her desire for Hibiki not to fight anymore to transform Miku into a Symphogear user herself.


  • Along with Symphogear heroines, she will help Pooh and his friends to win the war.