is an outgoing and confident duckling. She has recently learned to fly, and she loves flying more than anything, even though she can only get about four or five feet off the ground. Ming-Ming enjoys being the center of attention, can sometimes be overzealous, and often gets ahead of herself, which provides comic relief in the show. Ming-Ming represents the developmental age of a three-year-old. In each episode, Ming-Ming forgets about teamwork and, trying to impress Tuck and Linny and do something by herself, winds up in trouble.


Ming-Ming has many yellow feathers covering her body. She has a green cape with the Wonder Pets' logo, a big red 'W' on it, and brown goggles which she actually never seems to use. Ming-Ming's feet are orange. So are her skinny little legs. Her beak is a pink color. She has two black eyes. Ming-Ming has two small wings.


Ming-Ming has appeared in every episode of Wonder Pets!. Her first appearance was in Save the Dolphin! and her last appearance was in Climb Everest!.


Ming-Ming is revealed to have two relatives, her Aunt Eleanora and her toddler cousin Marvin. Both appeared in the episode Kalamazoo!.


  • Ming-Ming's catchphrase is "This is sewious!"
  • Although she does not have teeth, Ming-Ming is able to chew celery.

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