The Daughter of Malefor, Niece of Dr. Nefarious, who is Malefor's brother, and temptory leader of the villain league.

She is by far the most dangerous villainess ever encountered.

In SpongeBob and Friends meet Dinosaur, it was reveled that after Dark Cynder's defeat, she appeared and proved her might as the villain league's new temporary leader, and vowed to restore Cynder to her dark self and dispose of the lougers if she could get them.

Even though so far, the shell louge squad has managed to avoid her and the leagers, but she is perisisent. She's the dark spawn princess of lies, misleading, and dark promises, convincing any person or creature to believe she is just and harmless...untill it's usually too late. She will make heinous and threacherious promises of power to any villain not part of the league, making them sign a conract swearing their loyalty, and they never read the fine print: "If you fail or help any non-villains, your a doomed member of the league". She finds it very enjoyable that they never read the fine print, she also enjoys it that if they do manage to fine that print, that they'll remain true to that promise, for it keeps villains from betraying eachother and make sure they uphold the leages reputaion as world conguring scoundals.

She is the villain league's leader until the Villain league's obsession with recorrupting Cynder all the time can come true, then Mirage will return to Morbia, her treacherious and dark world, till needed again. She is also known as the Egyptian goddess of chaos, evil incarnate, and the queen of despair and sorrow.

Everytime she finds a moment of victory for herself, she sings "Snuff out the Light", which was actually Yzma's song until it was deleted from the film.


  • Mirage is a member of the Council of Shadows in the Logan's Adventures series.
  • Mirage appears in Logan's Meets The Pagemaster as an obsticle for Richard Tyler, Logan and his crew to overcome, and recruits Mumm-Ra as a new member of the Council of Shadows.
  • She's a member of the Demon Council of Darkness.
  • Mirage is a member of the Dark Dragon Empire in Doctor Aaron's Adventures Series.