Mirage the Illusionist

Mirage the Illusionist

Mirage the Illusionist is a mutant with illusion powers and can camouflauge. He is the weapon specialist of Code Red.


Prior to being recruited by Malfunction, Mirage was an assassin for Lord Shen. He was so darn good, that Shen gave him the right to be involved in what ever was planned. One day, Shen sent him on a mission that required to kill the target later. His mission - head to Argus Prison and free all the bad guys. He used his powers to change his appearance, and blackmailed the only scientist who could disarm the bombs in their heads. Once the scientist did so, he killed him, despite promising not to. He put EMP bombs on main reactor core, and released the prisoners. He detonated the bombs but only Deadpool stayed behind. He headed back to kill Green Arrow, but Deadpool captured him. He was then put in a prison van and given a power dampening collar.

Also in the van was mutant thief Quicksilver, Bebop, Rocksteady, Shredder, Tirek, and Alter.