Miriam Murphy-Cook is a character in Benny, Leo e Johnny no Brasil. She is the divorced (now deceased) mother of E.Z. Cook. It is not said how old E.Z. was when his father had fits over finances, causing arguments that ended in divorce. She had a twin sister named Olive, who married the Brazilian Paulo Nelo, but she had died before she could have children, leaving Paulo in solitude.

Miriam has blonde wavy hair and has green eyes (not like a monster, though). Her outfit consists of round, golden-framed glasses, a red blouse, a blue skirt (reaching the knees, but not a mini-skirt), black tights and red shoes.

She had given her son permission to invite the Fantasy Adventures Team to their family vacation in Rio, but at the end, she doesn't want him joining them because she wants him to go back to school when spring break (at least according to the Northern Hemisphere) is over; however, she does allow him to write to them.

Prior to the events of Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae's Yellowstone Adventure, Miriam had died of an unknown cause, causing her son to live with his father and scoutmaster, Woodrow.

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