Mitchell puppy redo by fantasynarium-d8tj1t1

Artwork (C) Kim Casarin/Fantasynarium

Mitchell Puppy is Peter's twin brother. He was born the same time as Peter. However, his fur is slightly darker and his eye color is different too.. due to finding his brother's dog of destiny goggles, which he still has on him and can change into Dog of Destiny at any time he likes. However, he's not doing so though since he's got the goggles in his hand. He doesn't like to eat cabbages, doesn't like to brawl, and dosen't like to drink that much, but likes pepperoni, gaming, and playing instruments. He is created by Liam Davis (Natter45) and voiced by Michael Bell.


  • His voice is similar to Allstar Seaworthy on "The Snorks".

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