Monique "Mo" Brown is a street urchin girl who first appears in Scamp and Atticus's Adventure.

Mo Brown


Mo was born to unknown parents who died from a car accident, (later revealed to be caused by Sykes) and was forced to move in with her grandmother. Mo lived with her grandmother who had a dog who then had puppies and Mo was allowed to keep one of them, which she had named Angel (Lady and the Tramp). After the death of Mo's grandmother, Mo and Angel are on the road together and forced to live into foster homes who threw them out quickly because of an allergy, moving away or that they would have a baby.

Sometime during this, Mo and Angel had met Buster (Lady and the Tramp) and the Junkyard Dog crew. Even though Mo was a human, she was among the dogs and lived to understand them and help take care of them as Mo being a human, could help them with certain tasks in which they would need hands. After playing around with the dog-catcher one day, Angel and Mo meet Scamp and Atticus Fudo, Atticus who is visiting with Cherry and her extended family for the Fourth of July celebration.

Mo and Angel fall in love with the boys, but they are found to be jealous that the boys come from homes and they had always wanted a home to call their own. In the end, Mo is adopted by Jim Dear and Darling as her new adoptive parents an d they also take in Angel. Mo also earns a little brother, Junior.


  • She is Angel's owner.
  • After her debut, she is adopted by Jim Dear and Darling.
  • She was created to serve as a love interest for Atticus Fudo as Angel is one to Scamp.
  • Mo is short for Monique.
  • After her debut, she will make more appearances in adventures in the future.
  • According to Atticus, she is his first ever girlfriend.

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