Mokona Modoki (White)
Mokona Modoki (Black)

Mokona Modoki is a main character of CLAMP, and Mokona first appeared in Magic Knight Rayearth and the two Mokonas are White (Soel) and Black (Larg) and also appeared in Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHolic. And the cute fluffy creature rabbit-like has a Jem in it. Mokonas has a earring by their each ear.


  • The White Mokona has a Friend with Kero.
  • The Black Mokona has a Friend with Suppi.
  • Mokona has a sentences with puu.
  • Mokona of Cephiro will appear in A Gift from the Heart and Light to join Leia as the Cardcaptor and other Seasons from Power Rangers Harmony Force.
  • Mokona's name is a creator by Mokona Apapa with the group manga and anime artist of Clamp.