Mong is the taller and chunkier member of the Botties. He loves snacks and making jokes that only he ends up laughing at. He is an upcoming guest star in one of the pooh's adventures movies that will be planned soon. Mong is a gentle kind of guy who respects all people, yet gives out some pretty not needed information at times about his jokes and fun loving events. Mong loves all kinds of snacks including but not limited to chocolate and lime slushies. Mong is also a Bottie, and rides his robot in
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the show Cubix: Robots fore everyone. His robot is named maximus. == Friends and upcoming allies. == Like with any story, Mong is obviously going to be friends with pooh and the gang Because of his appetite and hunger, Mong will be good if not awesome friends with Parker and Josh from Mr. Meaty. Mong will also be seen interacting with members of Ice Age Mammal's Team. Mong has a fear of the Grinch's wagon, for reasons none can say for sure, however we can deduce that Mong may just be a scaredy cat.