Here is how Monster Rodents Everywhere, Prehistoric Predatory Animals to the Rescue and Sarousch defeated again goes in Genesis Park.

Princess Yuna: Alexis! Jim! Emmet! Guys!

Alexis: They're everywhere!

Jim: The Giant Rodents!

Emmet: Help!

Princess Sharon: RUN!!!

Moon Starlight: The control room!

The foals ran into the control room.

Moon Starlight: The Giant Rodents are here!

RC: (shocked in horror)

Princess Sharon: We have to reboot the system first!

Alexis: I know this.

Jim: Better work on it, Alexis! We're expecting company!

Alexis: I'm trying!

Princess Yuna: Are the electricity set?

Princess Skyla: I think so!

Alexis: (on the computer) Come on. The Security Systems! I know this.

Jim: Anytime, Sister!

Princess Yuna: Can you reach the gun?!

Princess Sharon: What're you two doing?

Alexis: I'm trying to unlock the Security Systems

Jim: Did you got it?

Alexis: I DID IT!! The reboot is complete! The security systems are online. The phones are working again.

Nyx: The Emergency Lock Down Worked!

Zeñorita Cebra: Let's hope they won't get us this far!

Princess Yuna: (calling Mosquito Amber) Professor!

Professor Mosquito Amber: (answers the phone) Princess Yuna?

Princess Yuna: (on the phone) Get the Predatory Animals Out and Go and get that helicopter!

Professor Mosquito Amber: (on the phone) Right. Yuna? Yuna!

The Monster Rodents broke threw the glass.

In the main hall.

Princess Yuna: Hurry!

Snowdrop: I'm still hearing shrieking and growling!

Killer Shrew: (shrieking)

The foals were trapped blocked the Killer Shrews.

Princess Sharon: We're trapped! (growling)

The foals are surrounded by the Killer Shrews and the Suddenly, Some predatory animals came to the rescued. Including the Terror Birds. Smilodons, The Titanoboa, The Velociraptors and the T-Rex.

T-Rex: (ate one killer shrew and roars)

Titanoboa: (taking one of the and Killer Shrews)

As the Raptors are taking down the rest of the and Killer Shrews

Princess Yuna: Let's go!

Then, Professor Mosquito Amber and the others arrived on the jeep with Sarousch captured and tied up in ropes by Larry, Ellie, Raptor Claw and Doctor Incubator.

Professor Mosquito Amber: Yuna!

Princess Yuna: Professor Amber, There's going to be some lots of work to do so that the Park will be back in business again.

Professor Mosquito Amber: I agree.

The foals, their friends and families set off to the helicopter as it about to leave for Equestria.

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