This is how Moon Mater goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's adventures of A Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales.

[Crash, Lightning, Mater and the others look at a full moon]

Lightning McQueen: Wow. Check out that moon.

Ryan F-Freeman: [howls like a werewolf]

Mater: Yup. I've been up there.

Crash Bandicoot: You did?

Mater: Oh yeah. It's real purity. It all started when Human Ryan and I were towing the car to Florida.

[A flashback]

Sci-Ryan: [narrating] And then, all of a sudden, Huston had a problem!


Impola 13: [on-screen] Huston. I have a problem.

Car: It's Impola 13.

Forklift: He's stuck on the moon.

Forklift 2: He needs a tow.


Truck: Where on Earth do we gonna get a tow?

Rodger: Well, the Shadowbolt has a Tow. And so has that Tank engine.

Thomas: Who? Us?

Sci-Ryan: By gosh.


Mater: [Narrating] And with little bit of training...

Sci-Ryan: [narrating] And some help from our friends...

[The machine they're spins them round. Photographers take pictures]

Crash Bandicoot: [narrating] We became genuine astro and auto-nauts.

[They arrive to where Mia and Tia are]

Sci-Ryan: Hello, ladies.

Thomas: How's it hanging?

Tia: Good luck, guys.

Mia: The world's counting on you all.


Rodger: Welcome aboard, guys. My name's Rodger.

Sci-Ryan: Nice to meet you, Rodger. I'm Ryan F-Freeman, student of Crystal Prep. But, you can call me Sci-Ryan.

[Inside the control room]

Codiper Montage: Prepare for take-off.

Rodger: Let's burn this candle!

Forklift: T-minus 10, 9.. Main enguine start...

Crash Bandicoot: Oh boy. I never been to the moon before, Rodger.

Rodger: Oh. You and your allies will love it. It's real nice.

[The launch sequenze begins]

Forklift: One. Booster ignition.

[Rodger takes off to the sky]

Car: [through the radio] And we have lift-off of Rodger shuttle on Impola 13 rescue mission.

Rodger: WOHOO! I love my job!

Sci-Ryan: [laughs like himself and Midnight Sparkle]

Sci-Twi: Is Midnight Sparkle back in a new body?

Crash Bandicoot: Now it is a space mission, Sci-Twi!

[In the control room]

Car: We have cleared the tower.

[The cars cheers]

Codiper Montage: It's up to Mater and friends now.

[in space]

Rodger: Booster rockets one and two disengaged.

Car: [in COMM] Rodger, Rodger. You are clear to burn.


Crash Bandicoot: We'll be back, Earth.

Codiper Montage [in COMM] You are on approach to the moon.

[Back in the control room]

Car: Prepare for moon landing.

Forklift: Open cargo bay doors.

[Inside Rodger, the doors opens]

Rodger: Rodger.

Codiper Montage: [in COMM] Operation Tow Mater is go.

Crash Bandicoot: Ok. I can breath like an Autobot.

Rodger: Good luck, guys. See you back on Earth.

Ryan F-Freeman: Rodger that, Rodger.

Evil Ryan: Wow. The moon is pretty.

[They fly then land on the moon]

Mater: Moon Mater has landed.

Evil Ryan: There is one small step for hero and one giant leap for hero kind.

Evil Anna: Good one. Now. Let's move out.

[They space walk to the stuck car]

Imopla 13: Thank goodness. You're here, Mater and Friends. Quick! Connect the rescue upper attics to the frontal structural component of the linger axle assembly, pronto!

Sci-Ryan: Umm. How about OpThomas and Mater just give you a tow.

[Thomas and Mater

Impola 13: Mission accomplish. Now, take us home. Rotate thrusters.

Mater: Got it.

Impola 13: Prime ignition.

Sci-Ryan: Check.

Impola 13: Pivot poster colons.

Mater: Wha?

Impola 13: Disengage deperchal stamina.

Arcee: Huh?

Impola 13: Ignite propulsion system.

Ryan and Meg: Blast off!

[They fly off with Impola 13]

Sci-Ryan: [narrating] So, there we were. Going at 17 thousand miles an hour.

[in reality]

Sunset Shimmer and Lightning McQueen: 17 thousand miles an hour?

Megatron: No way.

Bertram T. Monkey: Yes, Galvatron. But, that was nothing compared to you, McQueen and Sunset.

[Back in the past, Daydream Shimmer, McQueen and

Lightning McQueen: Oh yeah! This is AWESOME!!

Daydream Shimmer: YAHOO!!!

[Bertram grabs Daydream as Megatron and McQueen pass them]

Ryan F-Freeman: Galvatron! Watch out for Re-Entry!

Mater: What Ryan said, McQueen!

Lightning McQueen: What!?

[The two goes fast towards Earth]

Megatron: Whoa! HOT-HOT-HOT-HOT!!!!

[McQueen and Megatron falls into the sea. Mater and friends lands on the water by a raft]

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't worry. We got you. [fishes Megatron and McQueen out of the water]

[A photo is taken. They are on a parade]

Sci-Ryan: [narrating] Yes sir. We was a team of bona fide heroes.

[At a sitcom show]

Car: So, Sci-Ryan. When does an astronaut eat?

Sci-Ryan: At LAUNCH time.

[They laugh. We see some magazines with Mater's and his friends photos on them. In reality]

Megatron: Sorry. That did not happen.

Sci-Ryan: Well. Suit yourself.

Rodger: Mater! Huston has another problem.

Mater: Rodger, Rodger.

[Mater goes in Rodger]

Rodger: Let's burn this candle!

Crash Bandicoot: Go!

[Rodger takes off into space with Megatron following]

Rodger: Oh yeah!

Sci-Ryan: [coughs] My clothes looks like Ashi's outfit.

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