Mordecai (EQG)

Mordecai (EG) is the human version of Mordecai and a friend of Rigby (EG).


Mordecai (EG) was practicing with his bandmates when Rigby (EG) saw Matau in his EG form standing outside and dragged him into the room. Ryan hears Mordecai and his friends chatting with Matau and his bandmates then Ryan opens the doors and requstes help for him and Thomas to win the Fall Formal, he accepts it.


Mordecai (EG) looks like Mordecai from Regular Show. He wears a white t-shirt, a blue jacket with white stripes across it, black trousers, black and silver shoes, has blue eyes, blue skin and blue hair with a black stripe.


  • Mordecai (EG) has the Hero Factory Hero name, Mordecai Blastbeak.
  • Mordecai (EG) will be introduced in Thomas' Human Adventure.
  • Mordecai (EG) is a guitarist in Matau and the Skylanders
  • He will be the friend of Alphablock B in

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