The way More fun tomorrow goes in Sleepover with the Eevee Family.

Princess Yuna: That was the best show we had.

Pain: Sorry for all the misunderstanding.

Panic: Can we let bygones be bygones?

Athur: No hard feelings?

Snowdrop: we forgive you guys.

Nyx: I'm really having a fun time.

Josephine: Me too.

Joshua: I love the entertainment better.

Katrina: Me too.

Princess Yuna: I really had a wonderful time.

Eevee: I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

Brian Griffin: Alright, Everybody and Everypony, Time for bed.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Brian.

Later, The foals were all tucked in bed.

Brian Griffin: Elsa, Are you and Aaron okay by yourselves?

Elsa the Snow Queen: We will, Brian, Goodnight, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Goodnight, Elsa.

Snowdrop: Goodnight, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Goodnight, Snowdrop.

Nyx: Night, Twila, Night, Skyla.

Princess Twila: Goodnight, Nyx.

Princess Skyla: Goodnight.

And the foals sleep happily.

                                                                                   The End

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