This is how Morley explains about the legendary Cloggersaurus in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[soon our heroes are far into the mountains as they continue their way]

Sheen: I wonder what kind of obticales we could run into?

Piglet: You mean like hefelumps?

Sheen: Yes. Heffalumps

Tigger; What about, w..w..woozles?

Sheen: Yes, Woozles!

Pooh: Jagulars?

Sheen: Oh yes! Even jagulars!

Morley: Or maybe we could run into a. [to himself] Pause for effect. [outload] Cloggersaurus.

Tigger: C...c..c.. Clogger... s...s..s...saurus?

Stephen: Cloggersaurus? What's that?

[music starts]

Morley: He's a hybrid Dinosaur. Much like the Indominus Rex! But that's all the time they have to say, before he gets them!

Skyla: What happens!

Morley: Year's ago, at this very location. There used to be engines, and ponies like you. But only clumsier.

Skyla: [her pupils shrinks]

Morley: Then, one day. When a engine broke down, and his driver and firemen got out. It happened...

Skyla: They forgot the right tools?

Morley: No.

Skyla: They didn't wash their hands?

Morley: No!

Skyla: Irregular portions?

Morley: NO! The Cloggersaurus ambushed them, and bit off the driver's hands!

SpongeBob: You mean like this? [pulls one of his arms out of socket, another one grows back in its place] Or like this? [pulls it again, another one grows back] Or this? [does it again] Or this? [does it again] But what about this? Or this, or this, or this, or...

Morley: [rolls his eyes in annoyance, and then interrupts] Except he wasn't a sponge!

SpongeBob: [ask with all his extra hands creating a rainbow-like line] So?

Morley: So they didn't grow back!

SpongeBob: [screams] Oh, no! [all his extra arms lift their hands upwards and run away]

Morley: Then, the firemen got the train started, while the driver was eaten alive. Soon they closed and abandon the small village in the mountains. And became a ghost town! So now, every.... Uh,what day is it?

Skyla: Thursday.

Morley: Oh, okay. Thursday night! The Cloggersaurus comes out, and begins to hunt his next victims.

Skyla: [gasps] But tonight's Thursday night!

Morley: Then he'll be coming...

Skyla: How do we know?

Morley: There are 3 signs that signal the Cloggersaurus. First: You'll hear a loud groaning sound, next: you'll see drops of saliva.

[As Morley speaks some of the others are biting their finger nails, and Spongebob's eating his arms]

Morley: And finally, the Cloggersaurus will pierce down towards you, showing his red eyes, and his slobbery teeth! Then! He'll chase you, even if you use your magic.... he'll still be right behind you! Then... when he finally gots you cornered....

Skyla: No!

Morley: He moves in for the kill. [makes a screeching noise with a glass and nail] He slowly stomps his feet on the ground! [it echoes] And you know what he does next?

Hannah Streaker: What?

Morley: You really what to know?

Skyla: What?!

Morley: Are you sure you want to know?


Morley: He gets ya!

Skyla: [pupils turn small, we see her heart beating faster, then she turns white, and faints]

Cadance: Skyla!

Roary: What does a Cloggersaurus look like?

Morley: He has a body of a T-Rex and spikes like a Stegosaurus. And has huge arms. And the only way to hear him is his growling.

Blitzer: Wow.

Tronie: Well, your story made the pink filly turn white.

Morley: Whoa-ha-ho!

Brian: How do we wake her up?

Patrick: I know what to do. [he turns Skyla's head, opens her mouth (While holding her nose), and then takes a deep breath and blows her stomach up]

[her stomach then deflates and her color returns]

Skyla: WHAAAA!! [coughs]

Patrick: I win!

Skyla: Is this heaven?

Shining Armor: [chuckles] No. Patrick just revived you.

Skyla: Thanks, Patrick.

Patrick: You're welcome.


[the engines stop and look around]

Piglet: What was that?

Tigger: Sounded too hungry for a heffalump. [growling gets louder] Too plump for a jagular. [and louder] I say it's big old, buggy eyed, saber-toothy. Cloggersaurus!

Pooh, Rabbit, Piglet, and Eeyore: CLOGGERSAURUS?!

Tigger: Which way do we run?!

Piglet: Where do we hide?!

Rabbit: What's the shortest, shortcut home?!

Pooh: I believe thet uh, that way. Is a good way. [point to a random direction]

[Everyone runs to the direction]

Pooh: Although, this way, could be better.

Tigger: Give me a break!

[Everyone runs to the direction]

Pooh: If no over here.

Tigger and Rabbit: AAH!!

[Everyone runs to the direction]

Pooh: Although, [chuckles] there might be petculary plesent as well.

[everyone is running in a whole bunch of randon directions]

Rabbit: STOP IT!!!

[everyone stops]

Rabbit: We're gettin' no where fast Pooh, and that just won't do. A leader must be someone leaderly, quick thinking, and form! Someone like... me.


Rabbit: Let's just carry on, shall we?

Percy: My thoughts. Carry on.

[The engines puff on]

[It was now getting dawn and Skyla is thinking what Morley had said]

Skyla: [whimpering] The Cloggersaurus is after me.

Cadance: [places her wing around her] There's no Cloggersaurus.

Shining Armor: And Steamfire's gone soft in the boiler. There's no warrior who guards the tomb of the Train-Primes.

[but then we see a foot step down and then disappear]

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