Morranda is the female counterpart of Morro and is a very resentful ghost.


Thomas finds the book of Morranda in the book shelf of Ryan's clubhouse and reads "A long time ago, Ryan found a young girl called Morranda and he asked her if she had a family but she said no. Ryan decided to make Morranda his student and trained her until one day she revealed that she was the descendant of an elemental master. Ryan then thought that she might be the next green ninja but when the golden weapons don't glow (like they didn't when Nya tried this) Morranda got very upset and asked if she can train more but Ryan told her that destiny has spoken and she got very upset and mad and says that she is the Green Ninja cause Ryan taught her to believe. Morranda


Morranda looks like the female version of Morro with hairstyle like Human Rarity with a green streak, blue eyes


Like Morro, Morranda has