This is the scene where the heroes in the submarine are under attack by a Mosasaurus goes in Dinolantis: The Lost Dinosaur Kingdom.

(G-Merl was listening the radio until he hears something)

G-Merl: Hey, Emerl. I think you should hear this.

Emerl: What is it?

G-Merl: I hear something huge.

Emerl: Put it on speaker.

(G-Merl activates the speaker and then the heroes hears something big)

Clayton: What is this? A plock of whales?

G-Merl: Na-uh, bigger.

Zoe Drake: That sounded like something huge.

Max Taylor: Is it just me or is that getting louder?

(Then the noise stops)

Danielle Phantom: Well, whatever it is, it's gone now.

Rigby: Oh, good.

Clayton: Captain, slow the submarine down, so we can-

(Then suddenly the Mosasaurus attacks the Submarine)

Rika Nonaka: Out of the way!

Renamon: Look!

(They see the water coming in the room)

Raphael: Now this is definitely bad!

Mordecai: What the heck was that?!

Clayton: A Mosasaurus! Tell Alvin to melt the butter and break out the bibs. I want this dinosaur served up on a silver platter.

Natalie: Load the torpedo bays! Subpod crews, battle stations!

(Then the subermaine get hit as the the crew gets to the minisubs)

Clayton (on intercom): Steady, boys. Don't panic.

(The minisubs came out just in time)

(Then the Mosasaurus hits submarine again as Littlefoot and his friends sees the Mosasaurus)

Cera: Swimming Sharptooth!

Clayton: Launch subpods!

(They launched the subpods, and the goes to the Mosasaurus)

Thor: Have at thee!(attacks the Mosasaurus)

Clayton: Ready, aim. Fire!

(They fire the missiles at the Mosasaurs)

Sailor: Target's been hit.

Clayton: Good. We're free now let's get out of this place.

(We go to the bottom of the sub, water is coming in)

Jenny: (on the radio) Clayton.

Clayton: Yeah, what's going on down there?

Jenny: The water is coming in and it's moving fast! We've got 25 minutes. (sees a little water filting up) Make that 5 minutes.

Clayton: Let's go. We've got to get out of here?

Max Taylor: Go where?!

Danielle Phantom: Let's go Max! There's no time to lose!

Tai Kamiya: You heard her, move it!

Davis Motomiya: Go! Go!

Takato Matsuki: Hurry before we drown!

(They get inside the minisubs)

Danielle Phantom: Now everybody buckle up you're seat belts! It's going to be a bummy ride!

(They attack the Mosasaurus)

Clayton: Okay, Natalie, get us out of here.

(The Mosasaurus gets closer to the submarine)

Clayton: Natalie!

Natalie: I'm working on it!

(And the Mosasaurus bites the submarine, and then, Natalie kicks the lever and they got out just in time before the submarine exploded. And the Mosasaurus goes after the subs)

Clayton: Where to, Mr. Taylor?

Max Taylor: We're looking for a trench or some kind.

Clayton: There! Up ahead!

Tino Tonitini: Get us out of here before we get eaten!

Spike the Dog: Too late!

(The Mosasaurus appears trying to eat the heroes but a silhouette of another prehistoric sea monster appears and bites the Mosasaurus it is reveal to be Megalodon)

Human Fluttershy: What is that?!

Max Taylor: It's a Megalodon! Let's get out of here while those two prehistoric sea monsters fight each other!

(They toke off while the Mosasaurus and Megalodon fight each other)

(And they went inside the trench and into the tunnel)

Max Taylor: It's only a grease trap. It's just like a sink. It's only a grease trap. It's just like a sink!

(After going through the tunnel they've made to the surface in an underwater cave)

Omi: Everyone okay?

Tino Tonitini: We're good.

Leonardo: We're fine.

Sonic: We're okay.

Raimundo: We're in perfect shape.

Littlefoot: Good thing those two swimming sharpteeth fighting each other might be our chance to escape.

Rigby: What do we do now? Without the submarine how are we suppose to get to Dinolantis or how are we suppose to go home?

Wolverine: Simple, we leg it from here.

Captain America: That's actually not such a bad idea.

???: What ho, Avengers and X-Men.

(they turn and see Namor)

Dr. Banner: Oh hey, Namor. What's going on?

Namor the Submariner: Our scanners detected something big. We thought it was the Mosasaurus, but now we know it was you.

Cera: You know this guy?

Iron Man: This is Namor the Submariner, king of Atlantis.

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