Mother and Daughter Time is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Princess Yuna and Friends' Amazing Escapades.


Princess Yuna, Princess Snowdrop, Princess Skyla, Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose, Princess Twila, Princess Nyx, Princess Jubilee, Indigo Marble, Golden Apple, Willow Apple, Apple Feather, Cream Puff, Pumpkin Cake, Orange Cake, Lucky Penny, Bronze Bracelet, Zeñorita Cebra, Josephine, Judy, Eliza, Daffodil, Katrina, Orlean, Polly, Arachna, Dragonsly, Emerald, Blue Star and Sunbeam are preparing for the Mother and Daughter Festival with their mothers hosted by Golden Queen and Dreamcatcher. The girls hope that they'll have a great time with their mothers.

One great night in Skylands

One great night, Princess Yuna and the girls were invited by Golden Queen and Dreamcatcher to the Annual Mother and Daughter Festival at Canterlot.

Ready for the Festival

That night, Yuna, the girls and their mothers are all together for the best of the Mother and Daughter Festival. Later, Golden Queen and Dreamcatcher announced for the Mother and Daughter Festival to begin.

Games and Contests to win

Soon, Golden Queen and Dreamcatcher took turns announcing every contests. The first contest is jump and land onto the sand, Luna, Yuna and Snowdrop won. The second contest is a three legged race, Yuna won. The third contest is apple bobbing, Skyla and Twila were tied. The fourth contest is the musical chairs, Pumpkin Cake won. The fifth contest is pie eating, Orange Cake won. The sixth contest is tug-a-war, the royalties won.

The Last Contest of the night

Later, the last contest is the magic contest. Then, Yuna, Skyla, Twila, Lilly, Nyx, Eliza, Pumpkin Cake, Orange Cake, Jubilee and Emerald each took their turn. Soon enough, Yuna won the last contest.

The Best Mother and Daughter Time Ever

Yuna, Snowdrop and Luna had a great time at the festival that night. Later, Yuna and the girls returned home to Skylands.



  1. This is Our Big Night


  1. One great night in Skylands
  2. Ready for the Festival
  3. Games and Contests to win
  4. The Last Contest of the night
  5. The Best Mother and Daughter Time Ever

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