Here's how the mountain attack goes in Return of Darth Sidious

[we return to Canter lot and then Darth Vader comes to Sidious]

Darth Sidious: What brings you here, Vader?

Darth Vader: Master, I can feel the presence of Luke Skywalker in the Equestrian Mountains.

Darth Sideous: Send our new members to apprehend them at once.

Darth Vader: As you wish Master.

[A shuttle takes off followed by TIE Fighters]

Darth Vader; Master, I've also order them to bring back Princess Yuna back alive.

Darth Sidious: Good.

[we return to the mountain base]

[we see Snowdrop is practicing the Force]

Snowdrop: I see the ships. And the Millennium Falcon.

Eagle sight: [nudges her lightsaber]

Snowdrop: Yes. I see it. And you. [she then activates her lightsaber] Easy. [she then starts to levitate a small stone] 

Yuna: Snowdrop!

Snowdrop: [stops and then goes over to Yuna] Yes?

Yuna: Come on.

[they come back into the room with R2

Yuna: R2, contact the others.

R2-D2: [beeping]

[a hologram of Admiral Ackbar appears]

Admiral Ackbar: General Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker: Yes Admiral?

Admiral Ackbar: We need the dragon riders to lead the team to save Canter lot.

Yuna: You got it sir.

Admiral Ackbar: May the Force be with you.

[hologram cuts off]

Yuna: R2, now contact the Miner Trains.

R2-D2: [beeping]

[we see a hologram of the Miner Trains now]

Steam Claw D.: Miner Trains here.

Yuna: Good. We need your help.

Steam Mech: What's up?

Yuna: Mucker, we need your dragon mounted turrets, we're gonna need them for a possible battle.

Mucker: Right! I'll bring them right now.

[then at the side of the room, the turrets appear out of nowhere]

Nix; How'd you do that?

Mucker: We used our teleporter. Anyway, I'd do some test flights before you try fighting anything. That way you can be better aquantied with the turrets.

Yuna: You got it.

Mucker: Good luck and may the force be with you.

[hologram cuts off]

Yuna: R2, can you mount those turrets on our dragons?

R2: [beeping ("You got it, sister!")]

[he then rolls over to Night star and picks up one of the laser turrets and sets to work]

Yuna: Snowdrop, round up the other dragon rider and tell them what's going. Astrid will wanna be here to see Storm fly getting a laser turret.

Snowdrop: Got it.

[as Snowdrop leaves the room, R2 finishes mounting the laser turrets on Night star]

R2: [beeping ("Done!")]

Yuna: Good job. Do they feel okay, girl?

Night star: [nods]

Yuna: Alright.

[the others come in]

Astrid: Alright, let's fit one of those things onto Storm-fly!

Storm-fly: [growls]

R2-D2: [beeps and then picks up another laser turret]

Fish legs: Ready girl?

Meat lug: [growls]

[later we see all dragons have the turrets on their bodies]

Hiccup: Great.

Yuna: Mucker told me we should do some test flights first.

Astrid: Alright. Let's get to it!

[soon they are all fighting, as Fighting is Magic: Twilight Sparkle stage theme" is playing]

Hiccup: Alright, let's give these things a go!

[They fire at many of the set up targets. Then after several more times they get better and better at doing it]

Toothless: [growls]

Hiccup: Yeah bud, this is going just fine!

Yuna: How's it going girl?

Night star: [growls]

Yuna: Good.

[soon after more test fights they become very good shots and hit all targets with ease.]

Astrid: Now we're ready for any possible battle!

Storm fly: [growls]

[but then an alarm goes off]

Rebel: Enemy forces heading this way!

Luke Skywalker: Get ready!

[we see the ships approaching]

Skyla: Heads up!

Hiccup: Alright, prepare for take off!

Toothless: [growls]

[the hanger doors open up and then the ships fly off]

Yuna: Take to the skies!

[the dragons then fly out too]

X-Wing pilot commander: Accelerate to attack speed!

X-Wing Pilot: Open wings!

[the wings open up and then the battle begins!]

[soon all ships are firing at each other and the dragons do the same]

Hiccup: We can't let them got to the base! Concentrate all fire at every enemy ship you see!

[The guns on Toothless fire]

[several ships go down]

Toothless: [fires his own plasma blasts at some of the attacking ships]

[Then an Imperial Shuttle is flying above the battle]

Yuna: An Imperial shuttle!

[It lands in the base]

Night star: [growls]

Han Solo: Be prepared for anything that comes out that door!

[the ship opens up and stormtroopers walk out and blasters fire at both sides]

C-3PO: Hide, R2!

R2: [beeping]

[they then go into another room as Yuna and Night star fly back in to help out]

Yuna: [deploys the Lunar Saber and her own Lightsaber] [killing troopers]

Night star: [firing plasma blasts at troopers]

Troopers: Uh!

Yuna: [deactivates her sabers and then draws her plasma rifle and starts shooting troopers. But deploys them again]

[several troopers go down as Yuna battles them]

Night star: [roars and then continues killing troopers by blasting her plasma blasts at them]

[Then something else came out and then it was the possessed Sith!]

Yuna: [deactivates her sabers as they come out] Mama, Aunt Celestia, Cousin Cadance, Cousin Twilight, don't it's me!

Princess Luna: [darker voice] Hello, Night filly!

Yuna: MAMA!! IT'S ME, YUNA!! Your daughter! You need to snap out of it!

Princess Luna: [slaps her]

Yuna: AAH!!

Night star: [looks back]

Princess Luna: [darker voice] Take her on board! The Emperor has so much work to do!

[the troopers pick her up and then take her in as the doors close]

Night star: [growls in shock and then she races for the ship]

[However, turrets fire at her]

Night star: [jumps to the side to avoid them and then the ship takes off] [mourns]

[the others then land in the hangar]

Skyla: Where's Yuna?

Night star: [sadly growls and indicates the Imperial shuttle]

Hiccup: They got her?!

Nix: We've got to save her!

Spongebob: Blackie! Get the Black Sponge star running!

Blackie: You've got it! [hops in their starship and starts the engines]

Spongebob: Han Solo? You better get the Millennium Falcon up and Adam too.

Han Solo: Never tell me the odds!

[soon both ships roar into life]

Han Solo: Hold on tight, kids!

[they both fly out of the mountain base]

Blackie: Now comes the fun part.

[both ships go into hyperspace]

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