Movie Star Stacy is the fourth episode of the eighth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Stacy Hirano wanted to be movie star and Candace asked Yuna for her help.

Stacy's idea

One day, Stacy imagine that she could be a movie star and make footprints in Wet Cement. Candace decided to get help from Princess Yuna.

Helping Stacy out/Dressing Stacy up

Later, Candace spoke to Yuna and ask for her help and she accepted it. In the dressing room, Stacy dressed on her purple dress and put her black high heeled shoes on her feet, Yuna decided that she should use other dresses just in case if there are more needed.

Actress practice

During the actress practice, Yuna explained the lines and Stacy rehearses and after her practice, She was finally used to it.

Wet Cement Ceremony/World Premire

At the Chinese Movie Theatre, Everyone was waiting patiently for the new movie star to appear. Now it was time to make footprints and handprints in wet cement, Yuna remined Stacy that this is her chance to be a movie star. After Stacy puts her shoes and place her hands in Wet Cement, she could feel that her reality is coming true. Then, Stacy thanked Yuna for her help and begins her world premire in her honor right here in Hollywood.



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