Baloo: Ha-ha-ha. Beautiful. That's real jungle harmony.

Mowgli: I like being a bear.

Baloo: That's my boy. You're gonna make one swell bear. Why, you even sing like one.

[Why they drift downstream, monkeys above plot Mowgli's stealing]

Baloo (going to sleep): Doo-be-doo... [Monkeys replace Mowgli, Franklin, Pom, Flora and Isabelle by a monkey] Doo-be-wee be-doo [fly lands on Baloo's nose] Hey Mowgli, how 'bout you flickin' that old mean fly off of your papa bear's nose? [monkey hits Baloo with a stick] Ouch! Ha, ha! Boy, when you flick a fly you really-- [he finally opens his eyes]

Bear: Franklin! Pom! Flora! Isabelle!

Baloo: Why you, flat-nosed, little-eyed, flaky creep!

Bear: What have you done with my friends?!

Mowgli (held in the branches above): Hey! Let go of me!

Franklin (held in the branches above): Oh, you crazy monkeys!

Flora (held in the branches above): You let us go!

Pom (held in the branches above): Mom! Dad!

Celeste: Pom! Flora! Isabelle! My babies!

Baloo: Take your flea-picking hands off my cub!

Monkey #1: Come on and get him, champ!

Monkey #2: He's no champ, he's a chump!

Mowgli: Baloo!

Monkey #3: Yeah! ha-ha! A big hothead!

Baloo: Okay you guys asked for it, I'll-- ooh!

[he falls into water]

Monkey #4 : That'll cool him off!

Baloo: Give me back my man-cub!

Bear: Give us back our friends too!

Monkey #2: Here he is, come and get him!

[Baloo hits against a tree and falls down flat]

Monkey #3: That's how a bear can rest at ease!

Monkey #4: Here's some bare necessities!

[They throw fruits at Baloo]

Baloo:Now just try that again you--

Monkey #5: What's that you hit him with?

Monkey #6: That was a bare necessity.

Baloo: Turn them loose or I'll jerk a knot in your tail

Monkey #1: We give up, here they come!

Mowgli (flying): Whoa!

(Franklin flies screamin)

Mowgli's: Baloo, catch us! Baloo!

Monkey #7: Back up, back up! Faster, faster, faster!

[Baloo trips and falls off the cliff]

Monkey #8: A rolling bear gathers no hair!

Mowgli: Baloo! Help me! Baloo, they're carrying us away!

Celeste: We'll save you, kids! We will!

Baloo yells: Bagheera! Bagheera!

Bagheera: Well, it's happened. Took longer then I thought but it's happened.

[Baloo climbs up the cliff just in the exact moment Bagheera arrives]

Baloo yells: Bagheeraaaaa!

[Bagheera screeches and sits stunned for a while]

Baloo: Oh, you heard me, huh?

Bagheera: Mowgli? Mowgli? Franklin? Pom? All right, what happened? Where's Mowgli, Franklin, Pom, Flora and Isabelle?

Baloo: They ambused me, thousands of them! I jabbed with my left, then I swung with the right, and then I-- 

Bagheera: Oof, for the last time, what happened to Franklin, Pom, Flora, Isabelle and Mowgli?

Babar: Like I told you, the monkeys carried them off.

Bagheera: The Ancient Ruins. Oh, I hate to think what will happen when he meets that king up there.

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