Mowgli: Bagheera, where are we going?

Bagheera: (walking on the log) You're going back to the man-village right now.

Mowgli: I'm not going.

Bagheera: (turns around) Oh, yes, you are.

Mowgli: (holding a thick tree) I'm staying right here.

Bagheera: (walking to Mowgli) You're going, if I have to drag you every step of the way.

(Bagheera grabs Mowgli's pants)

Bagheera: (grunts) Let go, you...

Mowgli: You let go of me! (grunting)

(Bagheera pulls but lets Mowgli go as he falls into the water)

(Bagheera sputters and bumps his head on the bottom of the log)

Bagheera: Oh, that does it. I've had it, Man Cub. (walks and jumps out of the water) From now on, you're on your own. Alone!

Mowgli: Don't worry about me.

(Bagheera jumps and walks on the tree, leaving Mowgli alone)

(Mowgli throws a stick on the ground and sweeps it with his foot)

(Mowgli walks while Doraemon and friends follow him)

(He stops, turns to look back and turns back and slides down on the tree)

(Mowgli continues walking while Doraemon and friends still follow him)

(Meanwhile, Bagheera still walks)

Bagheera: (sighs) Foolish man cub.

(Meanwhile, Mowgli walks to the rock and then sits down on the ground)

Rudolph: Might as well sit here.

(Rudolph sits on the ground)

(The bushes rustles)

Sue: What is that?

Rudolph: Someone is coming through the bushes.

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