Mr. Great White is Sharky's father, Mako's uncle.


He is a very smart guy when it comes to predicaments. He does also enjoy doing a joke or two. He also served in WWI and WWII. He also spent time in the army, and was a part-time pirate. He is also ready to help his son and nephew when they need it. He will also fight others to protect his friends. Mr. G.W. is the guy to go to when you need help with navigation or dealing with ruthless Pirates.


In World War I

In World War II

Main Weaponry

  • Diamond and Ruby cutlass sword
  • .50 cal Flint-lock pistol
  • Blunderbuss
  • Brown Bess Musket
  • B.A.R. (Browning Automatic Rifle)

Rivalry with Sailor John



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