Mr. Gunk
Mr. Gunk
is the boss of the diner where Herb Copperbottom works. He is strict, mean-spirited, and bossy. He is a cash register with a clock for a nose, hinting at miserliness and insistence on a tight schedule. He is ultimately forsaken as a boss by Herb, whom he always had addressed by his surname. At the ending of the film he stops Herb from going outside to see Rodney and exclaims "Copperbottom! Where are you Going? What about the dishes?" Herb, after putting up with years of being bossed around, takes off his dish washing machine and dumps it on Mr Gunk's head. Herb and Lydia head outside and Mr. Gunk tries to follow them and yells in a tremendous yell "HEY, GET BACK HERE! YOU'LL NEVER WASH THIS TOWN AGAIN!!" before getting hit by the doors that close on him.


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