The way Mr. Percival tells Duncan and teaching Luke to be brave goes in Yuna and the Monster of Blue Mountain Quarry.

The next morning, Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival arrived on Winston.

Winston: We're here!

Sir Topham Hatt: Winston, Slow down!

Winston: Sorry, sir.

Mr. Percival: Duncan! You still have the flatbed of scraps to collect.

Duncan: I know, sir. I am sorry, Sir.

Scootaloo: Come on, Duncan. Let's get the flatbed of scraps.

Duncan: (sets off and collect the scrap that he left to scare Luke)

Sir Topham Hatt: Princess Yuna, What's the report you and Dusty have?

Mr. Percival: Where's Luke?

Princess Yuna: He delivers some slates to Ulfstead Castle.

Dusty Crophopper: Everything will be in order.

Mr. Percival: That's good to hear, Dusty.

With Luke and Spike.

Luke: (sighs) No one believes me.

Spike: Cheer up, Luke. Look, there's Gator!

Luke: Hello, Gator.

Gator: Hello, Luke.

Luke: Gator, I need your help, I need to know more about being brave.

Gator: Of course I'll help you Luke.

Spike: Thanks, Gator.

Luke: I have an idea. How about I will come with you, Gator?

Gator: Great idea, Luke.

Then, "Our Tale of the Brave" song plays.

Luke: It's good to have you stay on Equesodor forever, Gator.

Gator: But, Luke.

Spike: It'll be the least you could do, You were meant to be really useful on the Island of Sodor

Gator: I don't know if I'm willing to stay.

Luke: What?

Spike: Why?

Gator: My ship was waiting for me and it leaves tonight!

Luke: Where are you going?

Gator: I'm going away for the holiday with my best friend tonight!

Spike: When will you be back.

Gator: I'm only going to be gone for a week.

Spike: We hope you have a good time, Gator.

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