Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday
Season 2, Episode 17b
Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday
Written by LegoKyle14 and Magmon47
Directed by LegoKyle14
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Here's 33rd episode for season 2 from Winnie the Pooh Goes Back at the Barnyard. Here's the Transcript.

The Beginning

(The Scene opens up with Mrs. Beady sneaking around in a bush)

  • Mrs. Beady: Easy, Nora. This is it. Today, I finally expose those filthy animals and those kids on videotape, get them shipped off to a medical lab and Bowser and be rid of them for good!
  • Pip: Mrs. Beady's coming!
  • Sora: Persistant, isn't she?
  • Eeyore: You have no idea.
  • Otis: 3:15, right on the dot. Bless her heart. She's like a bitter, hateful, Swish watch.
  • Donald Duck: So, who's turn is it to come up with a idea to scare Beady this time?
  • Lucy: It's my turn. (scare Donald on the ceiling) Dang it.
  • Mrs. Beady: Well, that's weird. They're usually outside this time of day.

(Suddenly, Otis comes out as a tall Grim Reaper)

  • Mrs. Beady: (screams)
  • Otis: (in a dark voice) Nora Beady, I am the Grim Reaper and I have come for you.
  • Mrs. Beady: No, it can't be. I eat fortify cereals and pep step around the mall on weekends. It's not fair!

(Pig and Lynn pops from the back)

  • Pig: Is she buying it?
  • Otis: (whispering) Get back under my butt.
  • Lynn: Hurry up. It's burning in here.
  • Mrs. Beady: I still haven't been to Paris, or worn my hair in cornrows. Give me more time!
  • Otis: Very well. Your shrill lip-flapping has turn my heart. I shall spare you if you defeat me in my favorite game.
  • Mrs. Beady: Is it Word Jumble? I'm very good at that.
  • Otis: (laughs) No.

(Later they started playing basketball and Otis makes tons of shots using Lynn's hands)

  • Otis: 2 points. Nothing but net. Swish. Hillary Buff. Hillary Buff.
  • Mrs. Beady: Take it to the hole, Nora! (charged in but ran into Otis and he makes a shot)
  • Otis: That game! You tiny spirit is mine!

(Mrs. Beady shrieked and drives the tractor away in terror)

(Everyone else comes out cheering for Otis, Pig and Lynn)

  • Abby: Otis, that was the best prank ever.
  • Tigger: You should Beady a thing or three.
  • Freddy: (spitting) Yeah, that was the prettiest prank you ever perpetrated.
  • Rabbit: Will you stop spitting?
  • Freddy: (spitting) P-sorry.
  • Human Rainbow Dash: But big credit to Lynn's basketball skills.
  • Lynn: See, Dash, the key to basket shots is momentum. Never stop moving.
  • Otis: Yeah, she's great. But I have to give credit to Ol Bile Buns. She really brings out the best in me.
  • Pig: Hey, I played the legs. It was my greatest roll ever. Well maybe not my greatest role.
  • Goofy: Then what was your greatest role.

(Pig thinks back to a play in Spanish in Mexico)

  • Human Rarity: Pig, that was beautiful.
  • Leni: Totally romantic.
  • Pig: I had no idea what I was saying.

(The next day)

  • Otis: Hey guys, it's 3:15, anyone seen Mrs. Beady?
  • Abby: Nope, haven't seen her.
  • Pooh: I don't think so.
  • Otis: Darn. I been itching to try my new fake head on her.
  • Luan: Well, they do say 2 heads are better than one. (laughs)
  • Pip: (comes in running) Guys, come quick. I think the Beady's are moving.
  • Otis: Swha?
  • Tigger: The Beadys are moving! (mutters gibberish and gasps) WHAT!?!?
  •  Piglet: WHAT!!?!?
  •  Winnie the Pooh: WHAT!?!?!
  •  Rabbit: WHAT!?!?!?
  •  Eeyore: HUH!?!??!
  •  Timmy Turner: WHAT?!?!
  •  Cosmo and Wanda: WHAT?!?!
  •  Lincoln: WHAT?!?!
  •  Girl Louds: WHAT!?!?!
  •  Human Pinkie Pie: WHAT!!?!?
  •  Sora, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck: What?!?!
  • Goofy: Huh?!?!

(The Beadys finished packing up)

  • Mailman: So, how long you folks are gonna be gone?
  • Mr. Beady: 'Bout a month. I'm taking her up to the lake cause her brain broke.
  • Mrs. Beady: I seen Death. He's 10 feet tall and has a killer jump shot.
  • Mr. Beady: Just get in the car.

(Beadys drives off)

  • Mrs. Beady: Drive, Nathan. Death might be right behind us.
  • Mr. Beady: Oh, I wish.
  • Mickey Mouse: There they go.
  • Pip: Hey, I think you broke her brain.
  • Abby: She'll be gone for entire month.
  • Pig: And with the farmer away at Bagpipe Camp....(shows a clip of that)...we can do whatever we want.
  • Otis: I know. And it's all because of terrible drama I inflicted on her.
  • Sunset Shimmer: Time to have some fun!
  • Leni: Yeah! F-O-N! F-O-N!
  • The Loud kids: F-O-N! F-O-N!
  • Human Pinkie Pie: Let's get party started.

(Everyone started having tons of fun)

The Middle

(One week later)

  • Pig: Whew. What a week.
  • Freddy: The fun never stops.
  • Human Rarity: I am so exhausted.
  • Wanda: I know how you feel.
  • Mickey Mouse: I think its time for a nap
  • Abby: Guys, I just realized I haven't seen Otis all day.
  • Piglet: I found him. But he's not looking to good.
  • Otis: Ok, seven days without Beady. This is fun. This good. I don't even miss her. I don't miss her at all.
  • Sci-Twi: Otis are you ok?
  • Otis: Oh, hey. Is Mrs. Beady back? Is she back? Is she back? Is she back?
  • Abby: Nope, still gone. I'nt great?
  • Otis: Yeah. It's the best.
  • Peck: Yep. 3 more weeks of doing whatever we want.
  • Tigger: Yeah, cheers for no Beady!
  • Loud Kids: (repeating) No Beady!
  • Otis: Yep we're doing whatever we want alright. We played 506 games of wacky golf, 74 games of Find the Pickle, conducted a mass termite wedding, and we all learn Italian.
  • Pig: (Italian)
  • Timmy Turner: What he'd say?
  • Wanda: No idea.
  • Otis: (sighs)
  • Pig: Hey, what's a matta him?
  • Sunset Shimmer: Is everything alright, Otis?
  • Otis: Guys, who am I kidding? I'm aching for some Beady action. Waiting to prank that orange-hair banshee at 3:15 everday got me up in the morning.
  • Luna: Hey, dudes. Someone moving in at Beady's house.
  • Otis: Really? That's terrible. They could pose a danger to the barnyard. Sweet spin tiggling danger. (brings a big box) Let's check it out.
  • Timmy: Yep, he's totally lost it.

(Later, behind the bushes, they see a Polish man walking inside the house)

  • Otis: Guys, we've met the enemy. And he's that guy. What do you think, Pip?
  • Pip: I go with the 4-star general scam.
  • Otis: Ooh, excellent choice.
  • Abby: Otis, you can't prank that poor man for no reason.
  • Human Applejack: Yeah, we don't that much about him.
  • Otis: Oh, girls. Of course I can.
  • Pip: Yeah, of course he can.
  • Luan: So what's the plan?
  • Otis: Now, I'll get him screaming from the house. When he comes pass, you'll pelt him with paint balloons. This is gonna be great. (rings the doorbell) A hoard of craze zombies is heading this way! I urged you to run from your house, down the pathway and a little to the left!
  • Polish Man: Ah, krkisk, krkisk! Dupa! (shakes Otis' hand)
  • Otis: Huh? No, you don't understand. The zombies will eat your brain. Zombies.
  • Polish Man: Ooh, zoombies. Dupa! (He went inside)
  • Otis: He's very frightened. This is going to be a very successful prank.

(He come back with his tupa)

  • Otis: What? No, no, listen. Zombies. Look, look. Grr!
  • Polish Man: Ah! [growls] Dupa! (He went inside again)
  • Otis: I think he's getting it now. I can see the terror in his eyes. (Than he back with a cake and kiss him) No, gosh, no, please! Oh, I don't know where you've been-- Oh, that is oniony.
  • Polish Man: Dupa! (He went inside for the third time)
  • Pip: Uh dude, I don't think he looked scared
  • Pig: Yeah, I thnk you might be married.
  • Goofy: You think we should a bar mitvzah.
  • Winnie the Pooh: (shrugs)
  • Otis: So he's oniony and foreign. Doesn't mean my husband is prank proof.
  • Luan: Let's try my prank. It's will get a little "fishy" (laughs) Get it?
  • Everyone: (groans)
  • Otis: (knocks on the door as a mailman) Special delivery. Here you go. Open it now. I will watch.

(The Polish man opens it and reveals to be a box of fish)

  • Otis: Ho ho. A box of rotting fish. Man, someone really prank you good. You must highly upset.
  • Polish Man: Ah, krkisk. (started putting the fish in his pants making everyone uncomfortable)
  • Sunset Shimmer: I think maybe you should stop before you lose your head, Otis.
  • Human Pinkie Pie: Yeah, Cosmo already lost his again.
  • Cosmo: Did not. (his head falls off)
  • Otis: Not just yet. (rings the doorbell again as a nerd with a fake second head) Hi, I'm your neighbor and this is my second head. Wierd right?
  • Polish Man: Ah, krkisk, (reveal his real second head)
  • Second Head: Dupa.
  • Otis: AHHH, REAL SECOND HEAD!!!! (runs away screaming)
  • Second Head: Dupa. (repeating)

(Back at the barnyard)

  • Otis: This is horrible. I can't live if I can't prank.
  • Abby: Well you're gonna have to wait until Mrs. Beady get back.
  • Spike the dog: She might take another week. So probably a entire month.
  • Otis: I can't wait entire month. I'm having Beady withdraw. My nerves are fried. Look at this hand.
  • Mickey Mouse: It's still.
  • Otis: Yeah, but it usually like this. (wobbles his hands)
  • Rabbit: Oh dear. Mercy me.
  • Piglet: Oh dear. Mercy me too.
  • Pig: I can't stand to see you like this. So I'm gonna look over here.
  • Sci-Twi: What are we gonna do Otis?
  • Otis: We gonna go up to that lake and bring back Beady.

(Everyone cheers)

  • Pig: So what happened? I was looking over here.
  • Sora: We're going to prank Beady so she'll come back.
  • Pig: Oh.

The Ending

  • Narrator: The next day, at the pretty lake.

(Everyone was spying on Mrs. Beady as Mr. Beady heads for the lake)

  • Otis: There you are, you beautiful evil enchantress.
  • Abby: She seem so relaxed and calmed.
  • Wanda: She could be normal for once and not insane.
  • Otis: I know. We don't have much time. 2 more weeks and she'll be completely sane.
  • Sci-Twi: Alright, do everyone know what to do.

(Everyone agrees)

  • Lincoln: Okay, guys, it's time to put Operation Get Mrs. Beady To Go Crazy Again So We Can Prank Her And Keep Our Friend's Secret And Also Think Of A Shorter Name For This Operation...into action!
  • Mrs. Beady: (painting a picture when she hears a knocking at the door) I wonder who that could be.

(She opens the door and see Otis and some of the heroes as forest rangers)

  • Otis: Hello, these hats proves we are forest rangers. We have come to warn you that this lake is sitting on; wait for it...A ACTIVE VOLCANO!!!
  • Mrs. Beady: An active volcano!?!
  • Tigger: Shhhh. Quiet down.
  • Otis: My striped friend is right. We don't want to caused a...PANIC!!!! Well I guess you want to go home now. Let us help you pack. (everyone started packing her stuff)
  • Mrs. Beady: But, ranger people, this place has been so good for my nerves. I calm now and my self portrait have really improved. (show one of her pictures)

(Everyone was scared and creeped out)

  • Otis: AHHHH!!!! Never the less...Lava, Fear!
  • Mrs. Beady: Thank you. But I'll take my chances. (went back to her painting)
  • Otis: Well....
  • Donald Duck: Is she scared yet?
  • Otis: No. Sanity rotted her brain.
  • Human Fluttershy: What do we do?
  • Otis: Go to plan B.
  • Rabbit: Right! Rarity, make-up. Lola-disguises.
  • Human Rarity and Lola: Got it.

(A knocking comes to the door)

  • Otis: Oooo, door noise. I'll get it. (Opens the door and reveals Pig, Abby, Freddy, Peck, Timmy, Sunset Shimmer and Lucy as a big creepy family)
  • Pig: Hello, new nieghbor. It's a good day today.
  • Abby: A real good day.
  • Otis: Why look, it's the scary family who lives near by and whose kids have freakish mind powers or bring any ghosts.
  • Mrs. Beady: Well, how do you do?
  • Freddy and Peck: We don't like you. You're bad.
  • Lucy: Oh spirits, I summon thee.
  • Abby: Kids, do not use your freakish mind powers to make this lady explodes or summon any ghosts.
  • Freddy and Peck: Ok. We'll blow up dad instead.
  • Pig: No kids, please. It's good you want to explode me, real good. But, look at it from my point of view. (explodes)
  • Abby: NOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • Timmy Turner: Looks like we're gonna new dad.

(Suddenly the others comes out as monsters)

  • Sunset Shimmer: Guys, she said not to bring any monsters.
  • Lucy: No, she said not to bring any ghosts.
  • Otis: Wow, I do not want to live near that pile of demon crazy. I guess you want to leave now.
  • Mrs. Beady: Oh, I think I'm going to faint. Catch me Mr. Ranger.
  • Otis: Ew, really? Alright.


  • Mrs. Beady: (rips off Otis' disguise) AHA!!!!!

(Everyone was shocked in horror)

  • Otis: It was a set-up.
  • Mrs. Beady: That's right. This entire rest vacation was a ruse, so I can finally get close enough and rip off your disguise!
  • Pig: What happened? I was looking over here.
  • Eeyore: We got tricked by Beady.
  • Otis: Well played, Nora. Too bad you neglected to record my talking animalness on videotape.
  • Mrs. Beady: Or did I? (press on button and revealed dozens of camera all over the house)
  • Otis: A doink!

(Everyone was in shocked)

  • Otis: (slow claps) Well played again, my old enemy. I see now that you knew, that I knew, that you know , hat I knew, that you knew the whole time.
  • Mrs. Beady: Yes. Wait, what?
  • Human Fluttershy: What did you say?
  • Otis: It's too bad there's nothing to stop me...from smashing your cameras! (went to go smash one but got stuck) Hey what the?
  • Lynn: What's the matter?
  • Mrs. Beady: Did I fail to mention that I wax linoleum your standing on with a super inheatsive?

(Everyone tries to move but couldn't)

  • Mrs. Beady: Keep struggling, talking animals and crazy kids and I'll keep taping!
  • Piglet: What do we do now Otis?
  • Otis: There's nothing we can do. She's beaten me. Beaten me!
  • Mrs. Beady: I expected better from. Where'd you get that lame volcano story anyway?
  • Abby: Actually there is a volcano around this lake. I found it on the internet.
  • Lucy: And there also is a legend of a monster who eats people who doesn't gives him candy on Halloween.
  • Mrs. Beady: Like I'm to believe that.

(Suddenly a rumbling occurred. Mrs. Beady looked outside and sees fireballs and a monster roaming outside.)

  • Monster: Treat or Treat!
  • Mrs. Beady: I got to escape.
  • Winnie the Pooh: What about us?
  • Human Rainbow Dash: Yeah you need to save us.
  • Mrs. Beady: Oh..uh...NAH!!!!
  • Human Applejack: You coward!
  • Mrs. Beady: Volcano, lava, monster, fear! (pushes Mr.Beady into a boat and drives off back home)
  • Otis: There she's goes. My cunning plan work perfectly. Thanks for shaking the house, beavers.
  • Beaver: No problem.
  • Otis: Nice acting job Abby.
  • Abby: Anytime Otis.
  • Rabbit: I still can't believe you made that giant monster, Timmy.
  • Timmy Turner: It was nothing. (gives the monster candy) Here you go.
  • Monster: Thank you. Happy Halloween!
  • Leni: Wait, it's Halloween already?
  • Otis: And Pip, those lava bombs were fantastic, how'd you make the lava bombs so real?
  • Pip: Easy. It turns out there really is a volcano here. (points to real volcano)
  • Otis: Wow, that was convenient. Well guys, Mrs. Beady is on her way home and the great cosmic balance has been restored.
  • Pip: Yeah, Otis, that volcano could erupt any minute now. Maybe we should--
  • Otis: Hang on, daddy still talking. For once again, I've outwitted my enemy and prove in the game of wits...the cow is truly the master.

(Lava comes flying down)

  • Spike the dog: Can we run now?
  • Otis: Yes. Now we run. (Everyone runs off)
  • Polish Man: Dupa!
  • Second head: Dupa!
  • Surprisingly Third Head: Dupa!