This is how the scene for Mucker disarming the bomb bolted on Thomas goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure with Spy Kids.

Thomas: That will take care of Lisp, and Minion!

Charlie: What about the bomb? It's only got 4 minutes left!

[bomb hits 4:00, and continues decreasing]

Pinkie: The bomb's gonna explode anytime now!

Applejack: Oh, what are we gonna do ya'll?

Victor Hugo: It is very simple, you blow up.

Queen Chrysalis: Well, Thomas and Twilight. I've finally got you, right where I want you.

Thomas: I can't belived you'd stoop to this, Chrysalis.

Dusty: So, we finally meet Chrysalis.

Queen Chrysalis: [to Dusty] Indeed, Crophopper.

Dusty: And, these are the other lemons that are helping the Changling queen kill Twilight and Cadance, right?

Vladimir Trunkov: It's nothing personal.


Willy: Yeah, you're helping Queen Chrysalis accheive her personally goal to get revenge on Shining Armor.

Percy: And of course. If the bomb blows up, you're all gonna blow up with it.

J. Curby Gremlin: Yeah? But it's worth the risk.

Hiro: Why? Why is it worth taking your own lives to accomplish this?

Gremlin: [drives in] Because, we'll finally get back at you for ruining our plan to stop aternative fuel.

Finn McMissile: Now the whole gang's here.

Pacer: That's right!

Queen Chrysalis: Besides, I can just put a sheild around us.

Puffy: Oh no.

Queen Chrysalis: Oh yes. I will have victory!

Evan: Victor, see if ya can't try and take the bomb off!

Victor: I'll give it a shot. [tries to undo the bolts hold the bomb down, but to no avail] [exclaims something in Spanish]

Spike: What'd he say?

Zecora: He said that none of his wrenchs fit the bolts, [to Thomas] you're doomed.

Willy: Man, it's so bad that Zecora didn't even rhyme that time.

Tune: [Looks at the bolts] No wonder none of the wrenches can fit, these are Withwork bolts.

Mako: That's it! It's curtains here. We're doomed.

Thomas: I'm done for.

Twilight: No!

Shining Armor: NO!

Cadance: NO!

Mucker: Wait! I can disarm it!

Gordon: What?!

Twi's friends: WHAT?

Apple Bloom & Scootaloo: WHAT?!

Sweetie Belle: WHAT?!

Skarloey: WHAT?!

Dusty: WHAT?!


Hiro: Mucker, you can disarm it?

Mucker: Of course I can!

Thomas: But Mucker, you could get hurt!

Mucker: I don't care!

Percy: But if the goes, you'll go too!!

Mucker: I can disarm the bomb before it can go off. If I can arm explosives, I can disarm a bomb!

Pacer: What? You disarm a bomb? Ha! This I gotta see.

Gordon: We can't let you take this risk!

Mucker: Then do you have any better ideas?! Queen Chrysalis isn't going to give the voice command to turn off the bomb. And it's currently running off a timer right now, and decreasing time at a fast pace! (the timer then hits 1:00 minutes and continues decreasing) And considering the situation here, I don't think we have time to come up with an alternative option here. Either you let me give it a shot, or we all go up in a fiery explosion.

Twilight Sparkle: I say we let him try. But, be careful Mucker.

Mucker: Don't fret! [drives up to Thomas] Okay, let's do this. [opens up the control box and use his microscope-telescope to take a closer look]

James: Try adjusting some wires and chips to disarm the bomb, Mucker.

Mucker: Okay, okay. Make a few tweaks here. [turns a few screws, then pulls out a few chips and replaces them]

Thomas: Careful.

Mucker: Now, put this here. [places a wire from his explosives scanner into the control box]

[the bomb now only has 20 seconds left]

Finn McMissile: Mucker. The bomb has 20 seconds left!

Mucker: Don't yell at me! I can't concentrate if you yell at me! [switches the yellow and blue wires]

Percy: Hurry, Mucker!

Emily: Hurry up!

[the bomb now only has 11 seconds left]

Mako: IT'S GONNA BLOW!!!!!

Pinkie Pie: Not good! Not good!

Zoe Trent: (yelps) I can't look! (covers her face with her beret)

Sunil Nevla: (yells as he runs over to Pepper and hides himself under her tail) This is it, the bomb's gonna blow!

Bomb: 10.....

Charlie: Oh boy!

Bomb: 9.....

Hiro: No!

Bomb: 8.....

Finn McMissile: Thomas!

Bomb: 7.....

Queen Chrysalis: Yes.

Bomb: 6.....

Twilight Sparkle: Thomas!

Bomb: 5.....

Shining Armor: NO!

Bomb: 4.....

Queen Chrysalis: Yes!

Cadance: NO!!

Bomb: 3.....

Queen Chrysalis: YES!!!

[The cars, and engines brace for explosion]

Bomb: 2.....

Dusty: AAH!! [shuts his eyes]

[Blythe, the Pets, The Ponies, and Zecora brace for explosion]

Bomb: 1.....

Mucker: And, now.... Turn off!! [cuts the red wire]

Bomb: Bomb deactivated. [turns off]

Zoe Trent: (peeks one eye out) Did it explode?

Apple Bloom: Is it over?

Peter Sam: It's all over.

Mucker: The bomb's disarmed and nuitrelized!

Skarloey: Well done, Mucker!

Rheneas: Hooray!

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks for saving Thomas, Mucker.

Mucker: No problem, Twilight. Happy to help!

Thomas: You did it, Mucker!!

Steamy: Just imagine, we could've been blown sky-high!

Gremlin: He actually did it!

Queen Chrysalis: No... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY REVENGE IS RUINED!!!!!