Here's how the museum shootout and the bus chase goes in Thomas, Twilight, and The Mummy Returns.

Imhotep: [speaking egyptian]

Anck Su Namun: Burn her!

Eveyln: You bast....

[She is about to be thrown]

Eveyln: [screaming]

[Then, Rick jumps over and catches her]

Eveyln: Rick!

Mucker: FIRE!!!

[Soon, everyone starts firing their guns at the villains]


Alex: Open it, open it!

Jonathan: I'm trying, I'm trying!

[Back inside everyone is still shooting]

[Jonathan and Alex get in the car]

Alex: Hurry up!

Jonathan: Come on, come on, come on!

[The keys broke]

Alex: Your broke it, you broke it, you broke it!

Jonathan: Be quiet, Alex! If there's gonna be hysterics, they'll come from me!

[Everyone is still shooting]


[Bumblebee drives in and transforms and starts firing]

{and then Optimus jumps in and starts firing)

Mucker: [continues firing his shotgun but then it outs out of shells] (pumps the pump handle several time) Damn! My shotgun's empty!

Steam Mech: [sees a crate of shells] Here, Muck! Here's some more shells! [grabs the crates as they race out]

[Everyone is shooting as Rick and Eveyln walk up stairs]

Imhotep: Collect your bones! Gather your limbs! Shake the earth from your flesh! Your master is here!

[He opens the jar to his undead soldiers]

Rick: Oh, no. Not these guys again!

Queen Chrysalis: [laughs] You can run, but you can't hide!

Imhotep: DESTROY THEM!!!

Undead soldiers: [roaring]


Jonathan: What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?

Alex: Your asking me? I'm only eight years old!

Eveyln: [barricades the door]

Rick: Honey, what are you doing? These guys don't use doors.

[They come to the car]

Rick: Where the hell's Jonathan?!

[Then a double-decker bus comes in]

Eveyln: Alex!

Rick: What's the matter with my car?!

Jonathan: I was forced to find an alternative means of transportation.

Rick: A double-decker bus?!

Jonathan: It was his idea!

Alex: Was not!

Jonathan: Was too!

Percy: JUST DRIVE!!!

Rick: [hops in as the soldiers come out and crush his car] No, no! Not my car!

[They soon start to chase them]

Rick: Oh, I hate mummies.

Ardeth: Glad to see me, now?

Rick: Just like old times, huh? [climbs upstairs] [he cocks his shotgun and starts shooting]

[The mummies soon jump and climbed on the walls]

Rick: Right.

[One mummy jumps but Rick shoots it just in time. He tries to shoot it but misses, as it jumps into the bus. But Ardith and Sharky fire at him. Showing his legs came off. The 2 other mummies are running on the wall. Rick reloads his shotgun as one mummy jus on the top and Ricks shoots the top. While Jonathan is driving.]

Ardeth: [starts to reload his Thompson]

Thomas: [whistles] WATCH OUT!!

[the half mummy comes in and swipes Ardeth's Thompson and starts beating him up and soon the 2 start fighting]


James: We can't, we might hit Ardeth!

[Rick tries to reload his shotgun, but the mummy opens the roof and knocks him down as his gun is at the very end. He tries to grab it, but the mummy keeps pulling him back and start throwing him up and down on the roof several times. Down below the undead half mummy deploys sharp claws.]

Ardeth; AH!

[the half mummy scratches Ardeth's arm]

Eveyln: Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn!

[As Jonathan does so, it knocks Ardeth and the mummy aside and knocks over a street light. And the mummy with Rick is roaring at him and a car comes to Jonathan's way]

Jonathan: No! Get out of the way!

[The car turns as Rick crawls and grabs his shotgun, but Jonathan turns making him loosing it aside and it drops on the front. As Evy notices it. As the half mummy scratches Ardeth and then prepares to do it again]

Ardeth: AAH!!

[shootgun blast]

[Evy and Luna fire at the half Mummy with their shotguns]

Mucker: [finishes reloading his shotgun and then cocks it] I got him! [but when he fires, his shotgun fires a Fusion blast!]

[and the Fusion blast sends the rest of the mummy out the back window]

Rarirty: [stutters] How did you do that?

Mucker: I.. I don't know! All I did was load in the shells Steam Mech found, and then I fired and it went (imatates Fusion blast) I don't know how that happened!

Alex: Look out!

[Jonathan makes a turn as Rick punches the mummy and pokes his eyes and Rick and Jonathan sees something. He punches the mummy and gets down as the mummy turns he sees there heading to a low bridge! As the top scrapes off he is killed, but Rick is alive as the bus heads to London bridge]

[then the bus comes to a stop]