Here's how Muska's defeat goes in Return to Paradise Falls

[On top of the blimp]

[Brian, Sheeta, Pazu, Kevin and her chicks make their way onto the top, then one of the vent doors starts to clatter]

Brian: [deploys his saber]

[but the door opens and Zoe and Gail pop out]

Brian: Girls!

Zoe Trent: Brian!

Gail Trent: Look! The Bench!

Brian: Kipper! Tiger! Down here!

Kipper: We're coming, Brian!

[they start to fly the bench level to the top of the airship]

[but as they climb onto the bench, there's a gunshot and then several of the balloons pop!]

Muska: [holding his Webley reolver] I want that bird!

[the bench then starts to sink down and start sliding down the airship as Brian and Kipper fall off]

Brian: Whoa! Stop that bench!

[the bench continues sliding and then sloly reaches the end of the airship's fin]

[but then Brian and Kipper grab the rope]

Muska: [fires]

[the bullet scrapes Brian's cheek]

Brian: Ah!

Muska: [cocks his Webley] This one won't miss!

Skyla: NOOO!!!!!! [jumps forward and grabsd his arm, making him miss]

Muska: You little brat!

[he shakes her off]

Skyla; [rolls back and against the side of the blimp]

Muska: Do you have any idea how hard I've worked for this!? I already lost Laputa! I'm not losing that bird! I'm taking her back with me, alive or dead!

Brian: Skyla! Don't try to fight him! Run!

[then the ropes holding the bench start to break loose!]

Brian: Whoa!

Kipper: Guys! Hang onto Kevin!

[They do so]

Brian: [holds out Skyla's candy] Kevin! Chocolate!

Kevin: [squawks]

[she then races forward just as the ropes break loose]

Muska: NO!! [he points his Webley at them] I will provail!

Skyla: Not this time, Muska! [she charges him] YAH!!!!

[she rams into him, which causes him to fall back (dropping his Webley in the act) And they both fly over the side!]

Muska: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cadance; SKYLA!! NOO!!!!

Brian: OH, MY GOD!!!

Cadance: No. No.. [crying]

Shining Armor: Skyla.. [his eyes tear up] Oh no, we've lost our filly. [he then puts his arm over Cadance and rubs her back]

Twilight: My niece! [she falls to her knees and a tear streams down her cheek]

Zoe Trent: Poor Skyla.

Sheeta; She saved our lives.

[Then we see her alive and unharm unknowing to our heroes]

Skyla: Guys, don't cry.

Cadance: No, Skyla. Your de....

[we see Skyla flying along side the airship]

Cadance: SKYLA!!!

Pazu: She's alive!

Sunil Nevla: And she's flying higher than she ever has!

[Skyla comes over to our heroes]

Cadance: Skyla! [she grabs her and pulls her into a hug] My little filly is flying like an eagle!

Skyla: Mommy, can't breathe!

Cadance; Oh! [lets go] Sorry, alicorn strength.

Skyla: The bench!

[they look over the side and see the bench floating downward]

Skyla; Sorry about the bench, Kipper.

Kipper; You know, it's just a bench.

[then Peter and the guys come on]

Skyla; [her ears droop down] Oh, I was stupid to almost kill myself to defeat Muska. You must think I'm pathitic.

Vinnie Terrio: Are you kiddin'? You took on the man who almost took over Lupata!

Brian: Yeah! And more importantly, you finally flew higher than you normaly could.

Skyla: Wow, I guess you're right.

Brian: [picks up the discarded Webley] Here. I think you should have this.

Skyla: Why?

Brian: It can be your trophey, to show the first villain you single handedly defeated!

Skyla; Okay. [takes the Webley]

Tiger: Let's head for home.

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