Here are the transcripts of the My Little Pony/Sonic Heroes Power Hour Timeline Paradox


Emerl: Hey Guy's, My Names In Emerl, & I'm Going To Tell You A Story About Heroes, Worlds Colliding & The Whole Begining Of How This Trouble Started, Every Story Like This World Has It's Heroes, Meet Twilight Sparkle, She Holds The Element Of Magic.
Twilight Sparkle: Come On Spike, We Don't Want To Be Late!
Spike: I'm Coming Twilight.
Emerl: This World Is Called Equestria Where Twilight & Her Friends Live, It's An One End To This Parallel Universe, Twilight Likes Helping Out In Ponyville, By The Invitation Of Princess Celestia Of Course. 
(Scootaloo Riding Her Scooter)
Applebloom: What's Taking Her So Long?
Sweetie Belle: I'm Not Sure, But This Is Really Starting To Bug Me.
Scootaloo: Hey Guy's, Sorry I'm Late, I Was Busy Helping Pinkie Pie At Sugarcube Corner, Kept You Guy's Waiting Huh.
Applebloom: You Bet.
Sweetie Belle: Yeah Well, Now That Your Here, We Need To Think Of Something To Get Our Cutie Marks.
Applebloom: I Know, What If We Would Be The Cutie Mark Crusaders Quest Hunters.
Scootaloo: Actually, I Was Thinking We Should Be The Cutie Mark Crusaders Job Finders.
Sweetie Belle: Uh Well, I Think It Needs To Be Something New, Some Action & Adventure.
Scootaloo: Yeah Right Sweetie Belle, Even If There Are Other Universes, We Would Have Jump Into Another Dimension.
Applebloom: (Gasping), That's It!
Sweetie Belle: Huh, What's The Matter Applebloom?
Scootaloo: Is There Something On Your Mind, Or Was It Something I Said?
Applebloom: I Think We Should Be The Cutie Mark Crusaders World Travelers.
Scootaloo: That's Perfect, The Cutie Mark Crusaders World Travelers It Is.
Sweetie Belle: Great, Let's Go The The Library & See Where Twilight & The Others Are Doing.
Applebloom: Okay, Let's Go.
(So The Cutie Mark Crusaders Went To The Library)
Spike: Boy, These Books Are Alot Heavy To Carry, Anymore Heavy Lifting Like That, & I'll Be As Ripped As Applejack.
Applebloom: Hey There Spike.
Spike: Oh, Hey Girls, Whats Up.
Sweetie Belle: Say Spike, Why Are You Carrying Alot Of Books?
Spike: Well You See, Twilight Asked Me To Bring Some Books To The Library, She Can Look At Them.
Scootaloo: You Know Spike, Those Books Are To Heavy For You To Carry.
Applebloom: Say I Got An Idea, Is It Okay If We Can Help You With These Books.
Spike: Sure Thing, I Can Use A Helping Hand.
(Inside The Library, Twilight & The Others Were Here)
Spike: Here We Are Twilight, We Got The Books For You.
Twilight Sparkle: Thanks Spike, Thanks Everypony For Coming Here.
Applejack: No Problem Sugarcube, It's What We Do For Our Friends.
Rainbow Dash: Yeah Yeah Enough Of This, So Twilight, Why Have You Brought Us Here?
Pinkie Pie: Oh Oh, I Know I Know, Maybe It's Something About Cupcakes, Or Maybe It's About When Got Our Cutie Marks Swapped, Or Maybe It's...
Rainbow Dash: PINKIE PIE!!!!
Rarity: Pinkie Please, Let Twilight Finish.
Pinkie Pie: Oops, Sorry.
Twilight Sparkle: Thank You Rarity, Anyway The Reason I Called You All Here, It's Because I Found A Book That Tells About Different Worlds From The Multiverse.
Rainbow Dash: Oh My Gosh, That Is So AWESOME!!!!
Fluttershy: Oh My, I Didn't Know There Were Other Worlds From Ours.
Spike: Wow, Other Worlds From The Multiverse, What Excitment.
Pinkie Pie: Really, Are There A Million Of Them Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: Sorry Pinkie, But There Just Only One World & I Think This World Is Called Station Square.
Applebloom: Station Square, Isn't That Sonic The Hedgehog's Universe.
Twilight Sparkle: Of Coruse Applebloom.
Sweetie Belle: Uh Rarity, Who's Sonic?
Rarity: Well Sweetie Belle, Sonic Is A Hedgehog Who Lives At Station Square, Loves Adventure & Saving The World From Evil Villains.
Twilight Sparkle: That's Right Rarity, & This Villain's Name Is Dr Eggman.
Sweetie Belle: Oh, I See.
Pinkie Pie: (Starts To Laugh)
Rainbow Dash: What The Heck Are You Laughing About?
Pinkie Pie: It's So Funny When She Said Eggman (Laughing).
Spike: Say Twilight, What Happen's If Our World & Sonic's World Would Collide With Each Other.
Twilight Sparkle: Don't Worry Spike, We're Safe As Long As Our World Isn't Collide With Another World.
Scootaloo: You Know, It Would Be Awesome To See Sonic In Ponyville.
Fluttershy: Well You Know, I Think The Sun Is Going Down.
Applejack: I Agree, It's About Time We Get Some Shuteye.
Twilight Sparkle: Okay, We See You Guy's In The Morning.
(While Spike Is Sleeping, Twilight Wonders)
Twilight Sparkle: (Hmm, I Wonder If Our World Will Collide With Other World, I Just Don't Have A Clue, Maybe I'll Try To Read More About It Tomorrow.)
(While Twilight Thinks Of The Other World, Dr. Eggman Was Thinking As Well)
Dr. Eggman: I'm Sick & Tired That Filthy Blue Hedgehog Ruining My Plans & Destroying My Glorious inventions, It's The Same Thing Repeated Several times Over, Wait, He Has His Crew Of Friends Helping Him & There's Only One Of Me, Even With My Sky Rocketing I.Q, I'm Still Outnumbered, Should I Have A Sidekck, Hmmm No No, All Of My Sidekick's Have Been Dumbots With Low Intelligence, If Only I Had A Sidekick With My Expertise, My Smarts, Wait Wait, That Gives Me An Idea. (Laughing) If This Succeeds Sonic Is In The Fight Of His Life.
(MLP/SH Power Hour Timeline Paradox Theme Song Plays)
Emerl: At The Other End Of Twilight's Universe, Far Away Across Oceans Of Time, Over Up The Mystic Ruins & Hidden Deep In The Valley Is Our Universe, Station Square.
(Shining Time Station Theme Plays)
Emerl: & By The Way, I Think Your Gonna Help Me & Twilight Somewhere In This Story.
(Emerl Sits Alone At The Belltower, Remembering Xion's Promise, However)
G-merl: Looks Like Your Early?
Emerl: Nah, You Guy's Are Just Late.
Donkey Kong: Look Who's Talking Dude.
(Team Robot Watches The Sunset Together)
Emerl: Today Makes 255.
Yoshi: What's That About?
Emerl: It's Been That Many Days, Since We Fought The Villains Of The Dark, Man Time Flies.
G-merl: So, You Got That Promise Mermorised, Do Ya?
Emerl: Yeah, I Had To Hang On To Something Right, It's Not Like I Had Mermories Before This Trouble Started, Didn't You Guy's Remember, I Acted Like A Zombie.
Donkey Kong: Right, At The First Day, You Could Barely Form A Sentence.
Gmerl: But Come On, Your Still Kind Of A Zombie.
Emerl: Oh Thanks.
(Team Robot Laughing)
Donkey Kong: Hey Guy's, Bet You Don't Know Why The Sunset's Red? You See, Light Is Made Of Different Color & To All Of Those Colors, Red Is The One That Travels The Farthest.
Yoshi: Like We Asked, Know-It All.
(Team Robot Laughing, Then Rouge Flies By)
Rouge: Hey There Boy's, Whatcha Doing?
Donkey Kong: Hey Rouge, We're Just Taking A Break From Our Mission, As Usual.
Rouge: What's That?
Yoshi: Sea-Sait Ice Cream, Here, Have One?
(Rouge Took A Bit)
Rouge: Hmmm, It's Sweet & Salty.
Donkey Kong: Glad Your Enjoying It.
Rouge: So, Where's Silver & Blaze?
Emerl: On An Assignment, It Was Our Idea Not To Be Part Of The Hero Business.
Rouge: They're Alway's Busy, So Does Big Blue, Right?
Emerl: We Haven't Seen Sonic Since, The Battle, Year's Ago.
Rouge: Just Do It Back Up, The Sonic Heroes Could Use You?
Gmerl: Yeah, Like Erazor Djinn Used Him.
Rouge: That's Not What I Mean't, Don't At The Past Emerl, Look At Me, A World's Famous Treasure Hunter Going Nowhere To Go But Up.
Yoshi: The Only Tribe Worth Belonging To, Is The One That You're Born Into?
Rouge: Yeah, Your Family, lt's Good To Take Care Of Your Family, But Remember One Thing, Everyone's
Your Family.
(Then, She Gave The Sea-Sailt Ice Cream To Yoshi & Flew Back To Shadow & Omega)
Emerl: That Makes No Sense?
Yoshi: Oh Well, More For Me.
(Yoshi Ate It, Then Tail's Calls Team Robot)
Emerl: This Is Emerl.
Tails: Hey Guy's, You Gotta Come To The Lab Right Away, I Made A New Invention That I Want To Show You.
Gmerl: We're On Our Way Tails, Over & Out.
Emerl: Let's Go.
(They Went To Tails's Lab)
Yoshi: Hey Tails, We're Here.
Tails: Great To Hear.
Sonic: Whatcha Guy's Been Doing Since Your Mission?
Gmerl: Well, You Know, The Usual Same Old, Same Old.
Knuckles: We Can See That, You Guy's Would Find A Way To Slack Out.
Gmerl: Hey, Cut Us Some Slack Why Don't Ya?
(Amy & Cream Giggling)
Donkey Kong: & Why Are You Two Laughing For?
Amy Rose: Oh Nothing, It's Just That You Guy's Are So The Same As Always.
Tails: Yeah, Well Anyway, I Just Made My New Latest Invention, The Muitiverse Transdimensional Portal, It's A Portal That Let's Anyone Travel To Other Worlds.
Gmerl: Whoa, That's Incredible Tails.
Yoshi: Yeah, We Love It,
Emerl: Say Tails, Does The Muitiverse Transdimensional Portal Show Picture's As Well?
Tails: Of Course It Can, Sonic, Can You Pull The Switch?
Sonic: Sure Thing.
(Sonic Pulled The Switch & The Muitiverse Transdimensional Portal Shows Picture's Of Other Dimensions)
Team Robot: Whoa!
Tails: What Do You Guy's Think, Pretty Cool, Huh?
Gmerl: Dude, It's Way Pass Cool.
Sonic: Hey?! That's My Line.
Gmerl: Oops, Sorry Sonic.
(Then, An Explosion Crashes Outside & Team Chaotix Fell In)
Charmy Bee: Hehe, Hey Guys.
Tails: What's Going On Vector?
Vector: Tails, We Got Trouble, There Are Eggpawn's Outside The HQ & Eggman's Up To No Good Again.
Yoshi: What Kind Of Trouble?
Espio: We're Not Sure What It Is, But We Might Need Help.
Sonic: Right, Where's Eggman At?
Dr. Eggman: (Laughing) I'm Right Here Blue Boy.
Sonic & Tails: Huh?
Emerl: Eggman!
Espio: Be on guard. Focus and prepare yourself.
Tails: Right, Let's Go.
Dr. Eggman: Come forth, Metal Sonic & Eggpawn's! Show this pathetic hedgehog what you're capable of! Now, Sonic, let's see if you really are the fastest thing in the world, shall we? Hoh ho ho ho!
Knuckles: Grr... You better shut your mouth Eggman! I'm not letting you make a fool of me again! Let's go, Sonic!
Sonic: Heh! Sure thing Knuckles, It's been a while since he's been wasting his time, I've been figuring his next move...
Dr. Eggman: CHARGE!!!!
Emerl: Let's blow this taco stand!
(They Frought The Eggpawn's, While Sonic Fight's Metal Sonic)
Sonic: Okay Metal Sonic, Let's See What You Got.
Metal Sonic: (Beeping)
(Sonic & Metal Sonic Fought Head To Head)
Vector: Man, Those robots are heavily armed!
Espio: But we can't back down now.
Charmy: Yeah.
(Team Chaotix Took Out The Eggpawns)
Tails: Don't Worry Girls, I'll Project You.
Amy Rose: Thanks Tails.
(Tails Summoned His Laser Gun & Fires)
Tails: Bullseye!
Cream: Dr. Eggman, you should really stop causing so much trouble.
Dr. Eggman: Grr, Silence!, CAPTURE THEM!!!
Sonic & Emerl: WHAT!!!
(The Eggpawn's Captured Amy & Cream)
Amy Rose: Hey, Let Us Go!!!
Knuckles: Hang On Girl's, We're Coming!
(Knukcles Tried To Free The Girls, But The Eggpawn's Punched Him Near The Muitiverse Transdimensional Portal's Keyboard, Then Typed In Equestria)
Sonic: You Won't Get Away With This, You Mad Man!
Dr. Eggman: I Will, I Got Big Plan's & Now, I'm Gonna Put Them To Work.
Tails: Your Alway's Up To No Good, Now What Do You Want?
Dr. Eggman: I Want All Of The Chaos Emerald's, Better Not Enter Fear or Else!
Gmerl: Or Else What, Ya Big Loser?
Dr. Eggman: Or Else I'll Take Them By Force, The Hard Way!
(Eggman Fires His Gun At Sonic, Buy Sonic Dodged The Attack & Sented Team Robot Near The Muitiverse Transdimensional Portal)
Donkey Kong: Whoa, That Was Close.
Metal Sonic: (Beeping) THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK!!!
Team Robot: Huh?!
(Metal Sonic Launched Missiles At Our Heroes)
Charmy: Whoa, Look At All These Missiles?!
Vector: Incoming!!!
(They Dodged The Missiles)
Knuckles: You Better Let Them Go Eggman!!!
Dr. Eggman: I Think Not, I'll Just Have To Keep hem As My Hostages.
Sonic: Over My Dead Body Egghead!!
(Sonic & Knuckles Fought Eggman)
Tails: Emerl, You Guy's Need Go To The Muitiverse Transdimensional Portal To Get Help Using My Escape Pod.
Yoshi: Espio, Watch Out!!
(Espio Throws His Ninja Knifes)
Gmerl: Yes.
Donkey Kong: Way A Go.
Knuckles: What Are You Guy's Waiting For, Get Going!!
Sonic: I'm Not Sure We Can Hold Eggman Off Much Longer.
(The Eggpawn's Crashes Into The Lab)
Sonic: Go Guy's, We'll Meet Up With You Later, Go!!
Emerl: You Heard The Hedgehog, Let's Get Out Of Here.
Yoshi: We Can't Leave Sonic & The Other's Behind?!!
Gmerl: Oh Yes We Can, Come On.
Tails: Remember Guy's, The Blue Button Is To Close The Door & The Green Button Is To Go, Quick Go Get Help!!!
(Team Robot Enter The Escape Pod, However)
Yoshi: Here's The Green Button.
Emerl, Gmerl & Donkey Kong: BLUE BUTTON FIRST!!!!
(Yoshi Pushed The Green Button & The Escape Pod Blasted Off To The Muitiverse Transdimensional Portal)
Gmerl: Yoshi You Idiot, You Never Do Anything Right, Blue Then Green.
Donkey Kong: Forget About That Now Guy's, We Gotta Seal The Door!!
Yoshi: I Can't Find The Blue Button.
(Gmerl Found The Blue Button & The Door Closes)
Emerl: Hang On Guy's!!
(The Portal Opens In Equestria & Crashes Towards The Everfree Forest)
Fluttershy: There you go, Mr. Mousey. Now you stay off that leg and do everything I told you. And it will be just like new in no time at all.
Mouse family: [squeaks]
Fluttershy: Oh, you're welcome. Happy to be able to help.
(Angel Looks & Sees Something Outside)
: [squeak]
Fluttershy: [gasp] Huh, What's That, It's Over Be The Everfree Forest, I Better Go Take A Look.
(Fluttershy Enters The Everfree Forest & See's Team Robot With The Escape Pod)
Fluttershy: Oh My Goodness, Who Are They & Where Did They Come From, I Need To Help Them, Uh Excuse Me, Are You Boys Okay?
Emerl: Ow, My Head.
G-merl: Well I Think We're Okay, Thanks For... Wait, Who The Heck Are You?
Fluttershy: Oh, My Names Fluttershy, Who Are You?
Emerl: Well, My Name's Emerl, That's G-merl, Yoshi & DK.
G-merl: Hey.
Donkey Kong: What's Up Fluttershy
Yoshi: Nice To Meet You Fluttershy.
Fluttershy: Oh My, A Talking Dinosaur & A Talking Gorilla, This Is So Great.
G-merl: Okay, This Wasn't That Plan That Tails Say.
Emerl: Well, We Can't Just Sit Here & Do Nothing, Yoshi, Can You Talk To Fluttershy What This Place Is.
Yoshi: Sure, Say Fluttershy, Can You Tell Us Where We Are?
Fluttershy: Oh, You Boys Are In The Everfree Forest, Mostfully Nopony Is Allow To Enter The Forest.
Gmerl: Everfree Forest Huh, Doesn't Scare Us, But Do You Know Where We Can Get Out Of This Forest?
Fluttershy: Oh Yes, The Enterance Is Just Over There.
(Emerl Pulls Out His Wristwatch & Shows The Map)
Emerl: Okay, So We're Right Here & The Enterance Is Over Here, But We Might Need Someone To Lead The Way.
Yoshi: Say Fluttershy, Can You Lead Us?
Fluttershy: Oh, Why Yes I Be Happy Too, Follow Me.
(So Fluttershy Lead Team Robot Out Of The Forest & Zecora Saw Team Robot)
Zecora: Those Four I Have Never Seen, But Something Tells Me That Our Two Worlds Will Clash Between.
(At the Enterance)
Yoshi: Whoa, I Think We're In Heaven.
Fluttershy: It's Called Equestria, It's Where We Live & There Are Many Kinds, Earth Pony's, Unicorns & Pegasis That Live Togther In Harmony.
Gmerl: Equestria, I Think Tails Was Right, Maybe They Can Help Us.
Donkey Kong: I Hope Your Right About That.
Emerl: Hmmmm, Equestria.
Fluttershy: Is Something Wrong Emerl?
Emerl: Oh Sorry Fluttershy, I Was Thinking Of Something.(Then, Fluttershy Sees A Bloody Wound On Yoshi's Arm)
Fluttershy: Oh My Goodness Yoshi! You Have A Wound On Your Arm!
Yoshi: Huh? (Looks) Oh Boy, It Does Hurt Alittle, Ouch.
Gmerl: So, Now What?
Emerl: Hey Look, There's A Cottage, We Should Be Able To Get Yoshi There For Recovering.
Fluttershy: Oh, Good Idea.
(At Fluttershy's Cottage)
Fluttershy: Here You Go Yoshi, One Bandage Should Make You Feel Better.
Yoshi: Hehe Thanks Fluttershy, You Know Our Friend Cream Does The Same Thing With Our Wounds When We Do Our Missions Back Home.
Fluttershy: Oh, Really?
Donkey Kong: Yeah, She's Nice, Friendly, Has A Kind Heart, Care's About Her Friends & Also Has A Chao Named Cheeze.
Gmerl: Well You Know, I Think Cream & Fluttershy Do Have One Thing In Commen.
Fluttershy; Oh, What's That?
Gmerl: That You Two Have The Same Heart Of Kindness.
(Fluttershy Started To Giggle, Then Yoshi's Stomach Grombled)
Fluttershy: (Gaspes) What Was That?!!
Emerl: Oh Don't Worry Fluttershy, Yoshi's Stomach Is Growling.
Fluttershy: Oh I'm Sorry, Was It Growling At Me?
Gmerl: Oh No, It's Just Alittle Hungry, That's All.
Fluttershy: Oh, Maybe You Guy's Should Go To Sugarcube Corner, It's At Our Town In Ponyville, I'm Sure Pinkie Pie Would Be Happy To See You.
Gmerl: Sure Thing Fluttershy.(So They Went To Ponyville)
Emerl: (Signs) Sure Hope That Sonic & The Others Are Okay.(As Team Robot Lefted, Fluttershy Was Worried About Emerl)
Fluttershy: Oh My, I Hope Emerl Feels Better Soon.
(At Ponyville)
Gmerl: Well, According The The Equestria Map, Sugarcube Corner Should Be Abit Closer Strate Ahead.
Donkey Kong: You Said It, But It Was Nice Of Fluttershy To Put That Bandage On Ya Yoshi.
Yoshi: Yeah, I Guess I'm Gonna Have To Keep A Close Eye On This Bandage.
Emerl: Good Thinking Yoshi, It's Best That You Lay Low From Battle's For A While.

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