My Little Pony: Megatronus' Revenge is a new movie.


Megatronus Prime returns for revenge after being defeated by Bumblebee's team during his previous attack. Spencer the Streamlined engine takes it upon himself to defend both Equestria, Earth, and Cybertron but he knows he cannot do it alone so he rallies the most unlikeliest of allies to help him defeat the evil Prime.


The tale of the Fallen

The film starts with Cody cooking some pancakes while singing "Bacon Pancakes" from Adventure Time. Meanwhile, Sunset is teaching Ransack, Dark Crumplezone, Thunderblast and Thundercracker to embrace the magic inside them and how much of it they need to use when overcoming a tough challenge. Bumblebee watches but then feels a sudden chill. Thunderblast asks him what's wrong but Bee insists that everything's fine. Sunset is uncertain of her friend's suspicious behaviour. Crash wonders if Megatron is behind this then Ryan gets a vision of a prime named "Megatronus" who is now known as the Fallen. But a slap in the face from Sunset wakes Ryan from the vision. Ryan



  • During the film, the gang finds out that the Decepticons wanted to live in peace with the Autobots on Cybertron and it was The Fallen who started the Cybertronian War.
  • will work for Megatronus, Nurse Nancy Cortex, and the Storm King.
  • Destoroyah will work for Megatronus.


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