My Name is James is a song from James and the Giant Peach.


Hello, there. Where did you come from?
You know, you probably shouldn't build your web
up there on the window.
Spiker and Sponge might see you and they hate spiders.
I'll be your friend though.

My name is James,
That's what mother called me
My name is James,
So it's always been

Sometimes I'll forget
When I'm lonely or afraid
Then I'll go inside my head
And look for James

Here's something I've never shown anyone

There's a city that I dreamed of very far from here
Very, very far away from here
Very far away

There are people in the city and they're kind to me
But it's very, very far away, you know
Very far

They'll say, "James, James, James, how are ya?
Isn't it a lovely day?
James, James, James, we're so glad you came here where we are
From so very, very, very far!"

My name is James, James, James

Good night. Pleasant dreams.


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