Mystery of the Ghost Train is a brand new episode.


When Henry gets the wrong paint, Thomas, his friends and the ponies think he is a ghost train. Can Ryan and the PJ Masks uncover the mystery of the ghost engine and prove to everyone who's seen Henry that it is just him?


Henry's repaint

The Sodor Steamworks has ordered a new type of green paint that glows in the dark. Ryan tries it on a baseball bat and it works. Crash applauded as Conner, Greg and Amaya arrive with the Cyberlings and the Dazzlings (who have just been feeding on negative energy). Soon, Henry arrives to get repainted. The eleven friends greet Henry warmly as he gets his new paint but little do they know that it is the glow in the dark paint. That night, the paint becomes active and Henry still doesn't notice. Thomas comes by and sees Henry, thinking he is a ghost train, he hurries away. Henry is puzzled by continues on his way. Gordon comes by and Thomas tells him that there's a ghost train but Gordon doesn't believe him, saying that there is no such thing as a ghost train and even if there was, he wouldn't be afraid of it. Later, Henry sees James ahead on the line then he sees Henry coming towards him and also thinks he's a ghost and puffs backwards in terror. Henry wonders why he ran away but continues on. James returns and tells Gordon about what he saw but Gordon still doesn't believe it. James continues on. Gordon then sees Henry and also thinks he's a ghost train, puffing away in mortal terror.

Ryan's friends got scared by Henry/A mystery

Meanwhile, Sunset and Cody are at Gordon's Hill with Sci-Ryan and Gloriosa Daisy (who had the 7 geodes and transformed into Gaia Everfree), trying to practice thier magic with Odette watching them but they saw Henry glowing green and think he's a ghost. This causes them to run away screaming. Henry wondered why they ran away. Sci-Ryan saw Galvatron (who is Megatron's brother from Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Cybertron) and Megatron who are looking for a spot to rest their legs. Sci-Ryan pops out of a bush, scaring both former Cons by mistake. Sci-Ryan apologizes and tells them that he and his friends saw a ghost train but the

Thomas and friends chat/Ryan, Connor, Greg and Amaya's discussion

Ryan, Connor, Greg and Amaya transform/PJ Masks arrive


  • This episode is based on the Thomas and Friends Episode "Henry in the Dark".



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