The Negatively Opposite Team, going by the first two initials, are the rival team against the Fantasy Adventures Team. They only appeared in Benny, Leo e Johnny no Brasil, as hired henchmen for Labão Adões. There are eighteen, and actually, one of them is female (and she is the only one who speaks up). One man has gray skin, one has blue skin, one has dark human skin, one has medium human skin, one has light human skin, and the rest have green skin. One green man has a mustache like Mark Twain's, and one of them is bald, but those with hair are all black-headed. All members wear black shirts with orange "No" symbols (with the line drawn with the left end up) and wear red pants and boots.

They are hired by Labão to fight the Fantasy Adventures Team so the former can get his goal and avenge his brother's death. They do, but when they get tired out, they instantly vanish forever.

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