Naja, a master of the Cobra fighting style, wields two scythes which he uses to attack. On his fingers are life talons, and at the time of his revival he still had six. He appears to be at the very least a figurehead of the Five Fingers of Poison. However, he believes that Dai Shiis not the right leader for his own cause, thus he tries to get Camille to his side only to be met with her wrath, as she is extremely loyal to Dai Shi. Upon Camille's poison attack, he uses one life talon to revive himself and two to bring back Gakko and Rantipede. The two are later destroyed. His remaining life talons are taken by Camille just as she destroys him. Camille gives these life talons to Dai Shi. They are then used to revive the Overlords,Carnisoar, Jellica, and Grizzaka.