Nala is Simba's wife and one of Pooh's friends. She was Simba's childhood friend when they were cubs and they often play together. Years later, Pumbaa spotted her in the tall grass near Simba's new home in the jungle and she starts to chase him to hunt him for food. Timon, Pooh and the others, and Simba came to his rescue and Simba stops Nala from her hunt and they start to notice each other. After introducing her to his new friends and Nala telling him he is the king of Pride Rock, she and Simba started to have some time alone. During their time, Simba gained her affection and fell in love with her. Nala then tells him that Scar has taken over the Pridelands and food and water had became scarce. She also tells him that he is the only hope to save it, but Simba denies her request to return and runs off. Later Nala wakes up Timon, Pumbaa and Pooh and the gang asking where Simba was. Rafiki shows up and tells them that Simba is returning to the Pridelands and they join him to help reclaim it from Scar and the Hyenas. In the end, Simba and Nala were married and had a daughter named Kiara.


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