Here is how Napping time and The Family Returns goes in The Baby Twins.

Prince Isamu: (happy gaggling)

Princess Sharon: Thanks for your help, Yuna. I think I'm starting to enjoy babysitting.

Princess Yuna: What else are cousins for, Sharon.

Prince Isamu, Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (yawns)

Princess Sharon: Aw, Look at them, Their getting tired,

Charlie: You know what this means, Discord?

Discord: Time for their nap.

Then, They begin to sing "The Beddy Bye Blues".

Discord: Muzzle up your mugs 

Or I'll fill 'em full of bugs

That's an offer that you can't refuse

Forget your troubles and dream

Up a dubble-brained scheme

Charlie:That's telling 'em, Discord

Discord: Shut your snappers and snooze

Charlie:Shut your snappers and snooze

All: To the beddie-bye blues

Discord: Snuff out your cigars

And thank your lucky stars

You ain't flying in some cement shoes

Think of something that's nice

Charlie: Like what, Discord?

Discord: Like a holdup or a heist 

Charlie: That's nice

Discord: And take your getaway cruise

Charlie: Take your getaway cruise

All: With the beddie-bye blues

Discord: Slip into slumber

Saw a little lumber and snore

Let 'em hear you some more

With just a couple slippers

Relax your open lippers

And don't forget to zip

Your little lips with zippers

Charlie: That's beautiful, Discord

Discord: And don't go crying for your mother

'Cause now we've only got each other

So sleep, little chowderheads, please

Shut your snappers and snooze

To the beddie-bye blues

After Discord and Charlie sang the babies their lullaby.

Prince Isamu, Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (sleeping)

Princess Sharon: They sure are adorable when they're asleep.

Princess Luna: Hello? Is everything alright?

Charlie: Shh, They're sleeping.

Princess Luna: (to Isamu) Pleasent dreams, My little colt.

Hiro: Well done, Yuna and Sharon.

Princess Celestia: (to Indy and Anna) Sweet Dreams, My little ones.

Duck: A splendid job to you two, How would you like to babysit Isamu and the Twins again anytime?

Princess Yuna: Sure

Prince Indy: Yuna.

Princess Anna: Sharon

Princess Yuna: Aww, Listen to them, They said our names.

Princess Celestia: You don't mind some help from Charlie and Discord while babysitting again anytime, Do you, Sharon?

Princess Sharon: I don't mind any help at all.

                                                                                   The End

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