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Naruko Aoba (青葉 鳴子, Aoba Naruko) is the magical girl representative of Miyagi Prefecture, accompanied by her familiar Takesuzume. She appears in Magica Wars Tactics and the anime series.

She was designed by Kae Yamaguchi and her voice actor is Miho Arakawa.


Naruko is fair-skinned with big blue eyes worn with peach makeup. She has short dark blue hair with straight cut bangs and long forelocks reaching her chest. At the back of her head are two large red and white ornaments with multiple red and blue streamers hanging from them, resembling pigtails. At the top of her head is a red wrapped ornament resembling a tiara.

She wears a white dress with the bottom divided into four sections, each with a red and gold detail along the hem. At the chest is a large red design with pieces of it formed into a shape reminiscent of a leaf between the top of her chest and to her neck. A flowr design rests below it, with a thin gold band on each side of her stomach. Her skirt is a dark blue pleat with polka-dots of dark green, yellow, white, red, and blue all over it. Beneath her skirt is a ruffled red petticoat. On each arm is a long white glove with a red wrapped ornament as the cuff, resembling her head accessory. Around her neck is a white, gold, and red choker. She wears gold and black platform shoes with tall white socks that have a leaf design spiraling around them and partially onto her leg.


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