This is how the near head-on goes in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments.

[Later they finished refueling]

Spongebob: Alright, let's go! Let's go!

Squidward: Ready!

[the train's whistle blows and then pull out]

Spongebob: We've gotta hurry. That express could be here any minute!

Blackie: Yes. 

[but when the train is just 3 yards out of the station, the cars become uncoupled from the tender!]

Spud: Uh oh! Hey! Stop! Stop! [waving his hands] Stop!

Blackie: Sponge, we've left our tail behind!

Spongebob: Whoa! [stops the train]

Ronald: Someone uncoupled us!

Spongebob: Hold on, we're coming back! [starts to reverse the engine as Ronald preps the flatcar for recoupling]

[soon they recouple the cars on]

Squidward: Come on! Come on! get this crazy train moving! Alright, let's go! Come on. co...

[then another whistle is heard.]

Hamburglar: Oh, no.

Squidward: [gasp] [he then opens the regulator to full power]

[but the train doesn't move and the wheels slip]

Sully: We aren't moving!

Squidward: Come on! Move!

[the wheels continue slipping]

Blackie: the wheels are slipping!

Courage: EEEH!! AH!!! [grabs a bucket of sand and starts throwing sand on the rails]

Blossom: Keep going!

[soon the train's wheels start to grip and starts to move but very slowly]

[Courage then hops back on the train as it continues moving slowly, but they keep hearing the express' whistle.]

Courage: Come on, come on!

Pablo: Oh no, oh no! We're moving too slow! We're gonna crash!

Uniqua: Pablo.

Pablo: We'll never make it! There's gonna be a crash!

Wubbzy: Pablo.

Pablo: We're gonna crash!

Rocko: PABLO!!

Pablo: Yeah?

Rocko: Focus, we can make it.

[as the expreess' whistle continues, Spongebob starts blowing their own whistle]

Spongebob: Stoke the fire! Stoke the fire!

[Blackie starts throwing more wood into the fire as Mike and Waffle join in too]

[Slowly, but surely, the train picks up speed. Soon they see the siding coming up ahead, but then they also see the Crystal express' headlights]

Spongebob: [continues blowing the whistle]

[they then see the siding approaching]

Sully: The siding! The siding! Faster! [opens the regulator all the way] Come on, go faster!

[the 2 trains whistles continue blowing as Blackie, Mike, and Waffle stoke the fire]

Spongebob: Hurrry! Get more wood in!

[their train soon starts going even more faster as the whisltes continue]

Crystal Express driver; Holy!

[soon the train gets onto the siding just as the express appears]

Sully: Quick! Hurry! Pull the brakes! Brakes! BRAKES!!!!!

[Spongebob shuts the regulator and throws the brakes on hard, as the wheels lock and slide]

Zim: [watches from the back of the caboose and braces for near impact] AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

[but they make it on the sidng just in time and the express thunders past]

Zim: Whew!

Harold: Oh phew. That was close, oh I think I'm gonna be sick.

Jimmy: Okay, Sponge, let's get moving the express has gone through!

Spongebob: Right.

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