Tron is typing the Terminal

Tron: I really owned you.  With all my functions up and running, I think I've got a chance of getting system control away from the MCP. Now I'd better get to work. It's what my user would want with his friend.

Ace: What Mephiles want with Ansem... 

They look at his friends, and they want him to say it

Ace: Listen, Tron... We didn't get the password from Mephiles. We just found it, back in the user world. By accident. And one more thing... Mephiles- he's our enemy. I mean... he still is... I guess.

Tron: You know... he's my enemy, too.

Ace: What are you saying?

Tron: Mephiles and Ansem took ENCOM's original system and customized it for his own use. I was part of the original system with my finds, and Mephiles and Ansem modified me and my friend, too. So that make Mephiles my user. But Mephiles is all the one who brought back the MCP. The Mephiles I first know wouldn't do that with Ansem. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you, because I'm so sad for separating my friend.

Ace: It's Alright... but... no I REALLY don't get it.

Tron: I don't... get it either. But I think Users, like you, are going to be the ones who will finally figure it out. You have the ability to take illogical routes, and still arrive at the answers you seek. Now leave- before the MCP starts acting up again! Any data you need from the DTD can be accessed directly through my User's terminal. I'll keep a dedicated access channel open for you. I change the password, so you don't have to worry about the MCP for a while.

Ace: Access channel? Like from the Television?

Tron:  Not really. But I knew you'd ask.

He press the button

Tron: It's a very important link between our world's. It's now we stay connected.

They are going to teleport 

Tron: You.... my friends, are the new password .

Ace: Thanks, Tron. Bye.

Tron: Be safe for now! And make sure you help people like my friend.

They have been teleported 

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