This is where the team gets new weaponry in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Avatar.

Thomas: We've got to do something!

Edward: Yes we do! We're gonna have to fight back.

Mucker: Well, if it's battle we're going into, then the rest of you are gonna need fire power.

Gordon: I conquer, so whatcha got for us this time?

Steam Claw D.: [shunts in a truck full of weapons]

Mucker: Alright for you, Gordy, an M240 machine gun. [takes one out]

Gordon: Perfect!

Steam Mech: Henry, you'll have an M249 SAW. (takes one out)

Henry: Saw? That doesn't look like a saw.

Steam Driller: No, no, no, no, no. Not a cutting saw, Henry, "SAW" stands for: "Squad Automatic Weapon."

Henry: Oh.

Emily: So, what's for me?

Steam Driller: An M60.

Bill: My turn! My Turn! Give me a gun!

Mucker: Okay, for you... (takes one out) a Škorpion vz. 61 sub-machine gun.

Ben: Hey! What about me!?

Mucker: We'll give you one too so you Bill can have the same one.

Ben: Really?

Bill: That's cool!

Ben: I wanted to say that first!

Steam Claw D.: Can we not go there?! Alright, Toby, since you're a bit older than the others, we shall give you an M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun.

Toby: Okay!

Charlie: So, what are you gonna me?

Mucker: Hmmm. Maybe for you, A MAC-10 (takes out one)

Charlie: Looks kinda small.

Steam Mech: It be small, bit it has a fast rate of fire and it fires a big round.

Charlie: Oh.

Stephen: Do I get one?

Mucker: I don't see why not.

Stephen: But could I have on that could fit with my age?

Steam Sweeper: Uh, I don't think we have any firearm that was from around your time, Stephen.

Stephen: (sadly) Oh.

Scootaloo: Come on guys, don't you have anything?

Steamy; Wait! They may not have anythang', but we might! Check inside the case on mah' tender.

[Applejack then grabs the case and then opens it and inside is a Colt hand crank Gatling Gun]

Puffy: A Gatlin' Gun from our western times could work fer' Stephen! We just have to mount it on a flatcar he can push around!

Stephen: This is great, guys! That will certaintly suit me!

Scootaloo: [notices the crank handle] Wait a minute, guys. How is Stephen suppose to opperate that thing if he doesn't have hands?

Mucker: Hold on, I got an idea! [he then takes off the crank handle and then sticks some kind of a box on it and then puts a hose pipe thing in Stehpen's cylander steam vent] Okay, Stephen, puff out some steam.

Stephen: Alright. [he puffs some steam and the the barrels on the Gatling gun rotate]

Mucker: There! Now if you wana operate this Gatling Gun, you just have to use your own steam power!

Stephen: Perfect!

Mucker: Back to the weaponry.

Steam Sweeper: Shining Armor.

Shining Armor: Yes?

Steam Mech: [tosses a FN LAR assult rifle] An FN LAR assult rifle.

Steam Excavator: Cadance.

Cadance: Yes.

Steam Mech: [tosses a SIG SG 540 assult rifle] A SIG SG 540 assult rifle.

Cadance: This is nice.

Steam Claw D.: Thanks.

Pinkie: Ooh! Ooh! I call that one! [races over and grabs a PPSh-41 SMG]