This is where the dragon riders see a new family move in and where a new student joins Ponyville school in The Day Connie Came.

Yuna: [narrating] This is Equestria, home of equines, trains, and other beings. All of which, are friends. But we have other friends..

[we see the dragons fly by and then see the Dragon Riders flying around the feilds of Equestria]

Yuna: (narrating) These are some of our other friends, the Vikings of Berk, and dragons. Well, I can say, that in Equestria we will accept anyone no matter how they look, as friends.

[Soon, they start flying in a clearing where an old mansion stood. But as they started to fly by, Scootaloo and Scooter Flame then slow down and head to the manorhouse.]

Scootallo: Whoa.

[the others then stop and walk up]

Snoutlout: Scoots, why'd you stop?

Scootaloo: That. [points to the manorhouse, and we see a moving truck parked there]

Apple Bloom: Well whada ya' know? Someone bought that ol' mansion.

Sweetie Belle: Yeah.

Tuffnut: Yeah, but check out the furniture.

[we see the furniture is very big]

Snoutlout: That is some huge furniture.

Sunil Nevla: I wonder why it's so big?

Vinnie Terrio: Well, who do you think is moving in that mansion?

Ruffnut: Maybe it's giants.

Sunil Nevla: Or something bigger. A lot bigger.

Astrid: Oh come on! What's bigger than a giant?

Fishlegs; Nothing. Well, at least that I know of.

Minak Mark: [looking through a window] Hey guys, look at this!

[the others come over and look through the window]

[inside we see fancy hich class furniture and fancy paintwork]

Zoe Trent: Oh, my!

Sweetie Belle: Wow, that is some high class furniture! Rarity would flip if she saw these! Including her human counterpart.

Penny Ling: Well, we now know that whose ever moved in here, is very rich.

Yuna: Yeah.

[the next day the CMC and Button are at School]

Button Mash: Hey, Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle: What's up, Button?

Button Mash: Did you hear about that new family moving in?

Sweetie Belle: Yes

Cheerilee: Alright students, we have a new student joining us today. She just moved in with her family yesterday, so please give anice warm welcome.

[then in steps, a giraffe!]

Fillies and Colts: [gasp in awe]

Cheerilee: Please note she is a bit shy, so treat her like you would her friends! Come on, dear. Take you seat.

Giraffe: Yes, Miss Cheerilee.

[but as the giraffe goes to her seat she bumps her head on a lamp]

Giraffe: Ooh!

Apple Bloom: [whispering] She's a giraffe.

Scootaloo: [whispering] Well, that explains why the furniture is big.

Sweetie Belle; [whispering] I have a feeling Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon won't give her a warm welcome.

[soon the giraffe sits down]

[but as Cheerilee goes on about the lesson, something hits the Giraffe in the neck]

Giraffe: Oh!

[Apple Bloom then looks to the side and sees Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon holding straws]

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon: [chuckling]

Apple Bloom: [mumbling] Stupid rich, jerks. Why can't they show some respect?

[later on, the students were heading out for recess]

Giraffe: [starts to go outside]

Diamond Tiara: Hey, you!

Giraffe: Hm?

[she looks back and sees Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara walking up]

Silver Spoon: Yeah, you.

[The Giraffe gets up]

Giraffe: Yes?

Diamond Tiara: Why do you even try to join this school if you can't keep yourself from hitting the ceiling lights?

Giraffe: Well, it's because..

Silver Spoon: You're too tall to look where you're going!

Giraffe: That's not true!

Diamond Tiara: It is.

Silver Spoon: Yeah, and spots like those are so last season.

Giraffe: But.. But... I..

Diamond Tiara: No giraffe should be in our school! Especially a lame one like you.

Giraffe: [sniffs] (as tears come to her eyes)

Silver Spoon: Ooh, you're gonna start crying now?

Diamond Tiara: [laughs] You don't belong in school! Why don't you go find a tree to eat leaves out of? [laughs]

[Soon the giraffe starts crying]

Scootaloo: Hey!

[the crusaders storm over]

Apple Bloom: Don't ya' go an' treat this giraffe poorly! She's a new student!

Diamind Tiara: What are you gonna do about it?

Scootaloo: Beat you!

Diamond Tiara: [sarcastically] Oh, we're so scared!

Scootaloo: You should be!

Diamond Tiara: And why is that?

Button Mash: Well if you really wanna know.. [takes out his dragon whistle]

Silver Spoon: [gasps] No! No! Don't call your dragons! Anything but that!

Button Mash: Then leave.

Diamond Tiara: [glares at them] You win this time.

[the 2 leave]

Apple Bloom: You okay?

Giraffe: [wipes her tears] Mhhm.

Sweetie Belle: What's your name?

Giraffe: Connie.

Scootlaoo: Nice to meet you.

Connie: Are those 2 fillies always like that?

Apple Bloom: Ther' always like that. They never show a lot of us respect. They make fun of anyone who deosn't have Cutie Mark.

Connie: Well, that's not nice. I may not have a Cutie Mark, but that is just not right.

Button Mash: Well, I don't have mine either.

Scootaloo: We don't either, nor do some of our other friends.

Connie: Your friends?

Apple Bloom: Yeah, we'll introduce ya' to them after school.

Connie: Okay. Thanks.

[after school, the Crusaders then take Connie to the Crusader clubhouse.]

Connie: This is nice farm you have Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom: Thanks.

[Connie then grabs an apple from one of the tress and eats it]

Connie: Mmm. These apples even taste scumchous!

Apple Bloom: Mah' big Sis' and mah' family have been workin' this farm fer' years.

Scootaloo: Here we are.

[we see the Clubhouse]

Sweetie Belle: Guys!

Skyla: Yes?

Yuna: What.

Scootaloo: Guys, this is Connie. She's with that family that was moving in that mansion.

Sweetie Belle: And she's a giraffe!

Zeñorita: [comes out] A giraffe? [walks down the steps and comes up closer] A real giraffe?

Connie: A zebra!

Zeñorita: Si, I'm a zebra.

Connie: [takes a look at Zeñorita and notices her different collored body.] Are you a rare Zebra? Because most zebras don't come in red with black and yellow stripes.

Zeñorita: No, no. I got that for my papá.

Connie: Oh. And do also know Spanish?

Zeñorita: Si, My papá taught me.

Connie: Wow. I'm Connie. [hols out her hoof]

Zeñorita: [shakes it] Zeñorita Cebra.

Snowdrop: Guys, who are you talking to?

Sweetie Belle: A giraffe named, Connie.

[Snowdrop comes out]

Connie: You're blind.

Snowdrop: I know, I was born that way, but my sense of hearing is top of the notch.

Connie: What's your name?

Snowdrop: Snowdrop.

Connie: Nice to meet you. 

Skyla: I haven't seen a giraffe before, none has ever come into the Crystal Empire.

Connie: You're from the Crystal Empire? The Crystal Empire?

Skyla: Yeah, I'm the daughter of Princess Cadance.

Connie: Whoa!

Skyla: Yeah, and my father's a captain!

Connie: Captain of a ship? Or Captain of the royal guard?

Skyla: Royal Guard.

Connie: Wow.

Skyla: Yeah, I'm Skyla.

Yuna: She's my cousin.

Connie: So, you're a princess too?

Skyla: Yes, me and Yuna are royalty.

Yuna: I'm Princess Luna's daughter.

Connie: Wow! I wish I could be a princess.

Yuna: You might be a beautiful one.

Nyx: Alright, now I'm next. I'm Nyx.

Connie: Nice to meet you.

[then Blythe and pets pull up]

Blythe Baxter: Hey, guys!

Scootaloo: Blythe!

Sweetie Belle: Hey, Blythe!

Connie: A human being!

Blythe Baxter: Oh hey there, who are you?

Connie: Connie.

Zoe Trent: Are you by any chance with that new family who moved into that mansion?

Connie: Yes.

Zoe Trent: I am.

Scootaloo: She just joined our school today, alothough...

Russell Ferguson: Let me guess, those 2 little rich bullies?

Sweetie Belle: Yes.

Pepper Clark: Yeah, they don't care about anyone but themselves!

Apple Bloom: Miss Cheerilee did tell us that Connie is sensitive.

Connie: I'm a bit shy, and a little sensitive.

Sunil Nevla: Oh, me too.

Connie: Who are you, little mongoose?

Sunil Nevla: Sunil Nevla.

Connie: Connie. And you are quite the cute looking mongoose.

Sunil Nevla; Thanks. And I'm also a bit of a magician.

Connie: Cool.

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