[Gordon wakes up]


Gordon: Hallo?

Blik (over phone): Gordie, we've got a way for our team to get to El Dorado!

Gordon: Blik, DID ye remodel that old World War II-era jet that we found in that junkyard?

Blik: Yea.

Gordon: I'll BE there, Blik!


(Gordon marvels at the modified jet that was outside the manor)


(Mr. Blik tosses Waffle towards the backyard)

Kronk: Is this how we get to El Dorado?

Ash (puzzled): I think so...

Blik: WHY, you're correct!

Harley: The team gave this jet some major modifications, didn't they?...

(Blik nods)

Gordon: Well, what KINDS of modifications did ya lads and lasses add?

Brock: FOR starters, we replaced the old Sugar Jets cereal-fuel powered gas tank with a more modern 4000-RPM Diesel-powered gas tank, with an hyper-drive function...

Misty: We took out the old antenna-TV, and replaced it with an modern TV, with support for many RGB jacks, multi-HDMI cable support, and an lifetime Netflix subscription!

Rachel: We also added an Wi-Fi router...

Blik: WHILE the team was busy rebuilding the jet from the inside....

(The Nazi symbol on the tail permanently changes to the team's logo)

Blik: I've made the jet's exterior design more modern...

Gordon: Harley, ye should get thy rest of yer siblings...

Harley: You're right!

Blik: SEE ya in an minute!


(The Diaz siblings arrive)

Georgie: What is that?

Gordon: YE may be wondering what THIS is doin' in our backyard...

Blik: After many hours of research, we found the old schmatics for this thing and we rebuilt it ourselves.

Harley: But there are a few differences between the original, & our rebuild...

Waffle: Say hello to...


(The jet's doors whoosh open)

All: COOL!

Gordon: Please take yer seats, for our flight will begin shortly!

Daphne: Bwik?

Blik: Yeah?

Daphne: When will the fwight start?

Blik: About 2 minutes..

Daphne: Okay...


(THIS is yer captain speaking...)

Waffle: HI captain!

Gordon: In an minute, our flight to El Dorado will BEGIN!

(Gordon looks at watch)

Gordon: Let's BEGIN our flight!

(The jet's engines begin to roar to life)

Gordon: Now---


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