This is where the riders meet Firestorm in The Day Connie Came.

[the next day, the team are now with their dragons]

Apple Bloom: Hey, maybe we should go see Connie again.

Sunil Nevla: Yeah and we can introduce her to our dragons.

Zoe Trent: I like it.

[so they fly to Connie's mansion and land outside of the main yard]

Scootaloo: Alright, let's find Connie.

[they start walking to the mansion when they hear a growl and then as they get closer they see a huge Typhoomerang!]

Yuna: [gasps] Get down!

[they hide behind a bush]

Typhoomerang: [growls]

[they slowly look up from the hiding spot]

Sweetie Belle: [gasp] That Typhoomerang is near Connie!

[we see Connie standing near the Typhoomerang.]

Apple Bloom: What it doin' near Connie?!

Skyla: Maybe it's gonna try and eat her!

Button Mash: Quick, let's get it! [he is about to race forward but Sweetie Belle stops him]

Sweetie Belle: NO!! Button, Typhoomerangs are very aggressive!

Yuna: She's right, anything we might try to do, it'll attack us all!

Button Mash; So what do we do?

Russell Ferguson: Let's keep our heads down and watch. And it the Typhoomerang does anything, we attack it.

[so they stand in their spot and watch]

[but as they do the Typhoomerang doesn't try to attack or try to kill Connie.]

Vinnie Terrio: Hey, why isn't that Typhoomerang doing anything?

Zoe Trent: I don't know.

Zeñorita: Hold on, that Typhoomerang isn't trying to get Connie, it's interacting with her.

Penny Ling: It is?

Zeñorita: Si. Look.

[they look back up and see that Connie and the Typhoomerang are playing]

Yuna: Aw, look at that.

Scootaloo: I guess it's safe for us to come out.

[they then step out from their hiding spot and walks towards Connie and the Typhoomerang]

Yuna: You know this dragon, Connie?

Connie: Oh yes, this is my Typhoomerang, Firestorm.

Yuna: Whoa!

Scootaloo: No offense, but how does a giraffe get a Typhoomerang?

Connie: Well, It all started when,


Connie: [narrating] I was on my way back home, when I heard something]

[we see Connie walking down the sidewalk and then she hears a moaning sound and looks around]

Connie: [narrating] I didn't know what it was exactly, but It sounded like something was hurt. She followed the sound and then in an alley way, I found a baby Typhoomerang, injured.

[Flashback playing]

Connie: Aw you poor thing. [picks up the injured Typhoomerang]

Typhoomerang: [groans in pain]

Connie: Hey, little one.

Typhoomerang: [growling]

Connie: [narrating] So I took the Typhoomerang back home with me.

[we see Connie carrying the Typhoomerang on her back and she steps into her old home.]

Connie: Mommy, Daddy! Look what I found.

[Green Bills and Novel come out from their rooms and take a look]

Novel: Oh my! It's a dragon!

Green Bills: Where did you find it?

Connie: In an alley. Badly injured.

Dragon: [squakwing]

Connie: Can I try and care for him?

Green Bills: I don't know, taking care of an animal of any kind a is a big responsibility. Are you up for it?

Connie: Yes, Dady. I can do it.

Novel: Then it's settled, that dragon is your responisbility.

[Flashback ends]

Yuna: Wow!

Connie: Yeah, Firestorm was my only friend I had in Manehatten.

[then Connie takes out some photos]

Connie: Here's us. As he grew up.

[Next picture is shown]

[on it we, we see Firestorm still growing up]

Connie: Till finally he reached the age of a young adult.

Skyla: So cute.

Connie: Me and Firestorm have grown close since then. He is very protective of me.

Yuna: Makes sense, it's same for me and Nightstar.

Nightstar: [growls]

Connie:  Is that a Night Fury?

Yuna: Yeah.

Connie: May I?

Yuna: Yes.

[Connie walks up to Nightstar]

Connie: I've never seen a Night Fury before. But she's a real beaut. [Nightstar then retracts her teeth] Whoa! [looks in her mouth] And retractable teeth! How did you manage to get a Night Fury?

Yuna: I found her in the forest, she was shot down and wounded.

Connie: Oh my.

Yuna: But Zeñorita's mother helped us out with that. She gave Nightstar a healing potion that healed her.

Connie: Cool. And Firestorm and I have managed to work ways of communicating. Watch. [imatates roar]

Firestorm: [roars in reply]

Connie: [does a spinning motion with her hoof]

Firestorm: [spins around]

Connie: Alright, Firestorm. Now show me want you wanna say.

[Firestorm then takes his claws and then starts to write out something in the dirt]

Penny Ling: What is he doing?

[then Firestorm finishes and in the dirt, he wrote: "Can I have an Eel?"]

Connie: Okay, Firestorm.

[Connie takes out a huge eel and throws it at Firestorm, who catches it and then sallows it whole]

Button Mash: Your dragon can write?

Connie: Yeah, I taught him how.

Nyx: Wow! Hiccup would love to see something like this!

Connie: Hiccup?

Sweeetie Belle: Oh! That's right, we haven't introduced you to our other friends!

Connie: Uh, okay.

Yuna: Come on, follow us. And bring Firestorm along too.

Connie: Alright.

[so they lead Connie and Firestorm down the path and then into Berk]

[but on the way, they pass a rose patch]

Connie: ACHOO!!

Swettie Belle: Whoa! Are you okay?

Connie: [takes out her hankercheirf] Yeah, I'm okay. [blows her nose] I'm sorry, I'm allergic to roses.

Zoe Trent: You're allergic to roses?

Connie: Yeah, but not just by smelling them, if I touch one rose, my body starts swelling and itching, and then I get trouble breathing, and if I'm given medical attention soon, I could die of breath lose.

Apple Bloom: Whoa Nelly! Well, we'll make sur' not ta' git' ya' near any roses!

[At Berk, the riders meet up with the Vikings]

Yuna: Hiccup!

Hiccup: Guys! Good to see you. [notices Connie] Who's this giraffe?

Apple Bloom: This is Connie, she was the one who moved in that mansion.

Hiccup: Nice to meet you.

Connie: Hello.

Yuna: That's not all, she has a dragon herself.

[Firestorm walks into veiw]

Fishlegs: A Typhoomerang!

Snoutlout: Wow!

Hiccup: Hold on, this Typhoomerang is Connie's?

Yuna: Yeah!

Connie: Oh Yes. This is Firestorm. I found him injured in an alley way back in manehatten when he was an infant. So I brought him back home and took care of him.

Hiccup: Wow.

Astrid: Nice.

Connie: That's not all, check this out. Firestorm, show them.

[Firestrom then writies in the sand, "Hello, nice to meet you."]

Fishlegs: Whoa! You taught your dragon to wrtite?!

Connie: Yeah. I taught him as he grew up.

Hiccup: What a clever giraffe.

Connie: Thanks.

Hiccup: Your welcome.

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