Here's how the next day and Tinkerputt's plan in action goes in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

[it was soon morning and then we view our heroes asleep in Tinkerputt's bus]

Brian: [yawns and stretches his arms]

[we then view the CMC, Babs, and Button asleep, along with Stardust]

Apple Bloom: Good morning, Stardust.

Stardust: Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom: That's me.

Stardust: Yey!

Button Mash: [awakes and then puts his beanie on]

Sweetie Belle: Hey Button.

Button Mash: Hey.

Stardust: Button, Sweetie Belle, Morning.

Sweetie Belle: You too, Stardust.

Babs Seed: [awakes] Morning.

Scootaloo: Morning Stardust.

Stardust: Scootaloo, Babs Seed. Good day.

[Later we see our heroes at the show]

Pepper Clark: Look at me! I'm a clown.

Sunil Nevla: Very funny.

Vinnie Terrio: Yeah, but now you're a real magician!

Apple Bloom: Hey, guys! We're gonna play with Stardust for a while.

Applejack: Alright, just be careful!

Brian: And keep your guns fully loaded, the Dazzlings could be anywhere.

Scootaloo: Right.

Rarity: Be back before the show starts.

Sweetie Belle: We will.

Stardust: We will. We will!

Brian: Look at that.

Vinny: Yeah, they're already best friends.

Barney: I think it's super-dee-duper!

Smudger: Pff.

Zoe Trent: I wish Smudger would at least try to befriend Stardust.

Duke: He will.

Smudger: I have work to do. [puffs away]

Duncan: I really hate Smudger's attitude.

[later, the CMC, Babs, Button, and Stardust are having a blast on the carnival rides.]

Button Mash: Weeee!

Sweetie Belle: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Apple Bloom: Yee-haw!

[Then we see the 3 girls watching them]

Rarity: It makes me proud to see Sweetie Belle has a new friend.

Adagio Dazzling: Look at them. Playing with a magical foal.

Aria Blaze: It would be nice to wish if Brian is dead.

Adagio Dazzling: Good idea.

Sonata Dusk: But what if he teleports away from us?

Adagio Dazzling: Not to worry, we will get that foal to be under with ours, as long as we're the Dazzlings. [holds her pendant]

[That afternoon]

[Lucario then appears on top of a rock]

Lucario: Lu.

[in the magic show tent]

Pepper Clark: Thank you! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the show!

Sunil Nevla: This was great! I am now a famous magician!

[some of the team are moving a lighting platform when it hits a block and begins to tip]

Rarity: WHA!! [catches it but isn't strong enough to keep it up] Help me! I can't hold it!

Sweetie Belle: [rushes in and pushes against it as Button joins]

Stardust: Sweetie Belle, let's continue to play.

Sweetie Belle: Not right now, Stardust!

Stardust: Come on! [grabs Button's beanie] Bet you can't catch me!

Button Mash: Come back, here!

Sweetie Belle: Hey! Give that back!

Rarity: Hey! I can't hold this thing on my own! [grunts as she tries to hold it]

Peter: [gives her a hand]

Stardust: You can't catch me!

[The 2 run in front of Smudger]

Smudger: Hey! [puts on his brakes] Watch it!

[the 3 then race around Russel and then Penny]

Penny Ling: What happened?

Smudger: Dumb Stardust! That's what happened!

Russel Ferguson: Hey! Stardust's just playing around with the Crusaders!

Smudger: Well, he's a clumsy colt! Hpmh!

[the 2 continue chasing Stardust when Minka hangs down from a light pole and grabs Button's beanie]

Minka Mark: Got it!

Button Mash: Thanks. [takes it and puts it back on]

Sweetie Belle: Stardust! [tackles him]

Stardust: [laughs]

[just then they hear a burst]

Minka Mark: What was that?

Digit: Hey, what happened to the tent?

[there's a tear in the tent]

Tyrone: What do you think made that?

Lucario: Lucario.

Austin: Who said that?

[then behind a box appears, Lucario!]

Scootaloo: A Lucario!

Lucario: [uses aura sphere] Lu!

Zoe Trent: [yelps as she avoids the blast and lands in Penny's arms]

Apple Bloom: Hey! Watch it!

James: What is that?

Little Bear: A Lucario!

Sylveon: It's a Pokémon that can sense with Aura!

Lucario: Lu! [uses aura sphere again witch makes the CMC fall back and run to the stage]

Rarity: Girls!

Applejack: Stop him!

[they all run out onto the stage]

Lucario: [jumps in front of them] Lu..

Eevee: Hnag on guys! [uses Shadow Ball on Lucario]

Jolteon: Get a load of thunder, not the Lucario we know! [he uses Thunderbolt and Lucario yells in pain]

Rainbow: [fires] Get away from my honorary sis'!

Applejack: [fires a warning shot] Yeah, y'all better not play anythin' funny!

Lucario: LU!!!

Babs Seed: Why is Lucario here?

Stardust: Lucario is here, for me.

Lucario: [turns to our heroes] Lu!

Duck: Isn't this a different Lucario?

[Lucario charges at our heroes]

Tinkerputt: [presses a button on his wand]

[a trapdoor then opens and Lucario falls through]

Tinkerputt: A good magician always keeps a trapdoor standing by. [presses the button again and then Lucario then comes back up inside a cage]

Lucario: Lu! [he hits the bars with his spikes]

Tinkerputt: Now for the next trick. Gengar, use hypnosis.

Gengar: [does so]

Lucario: [falls asleep]

Penny Ling: Why was that Lucario attacking us?

Sweetie Belle: Stardust said that Lucario came for him.

Cody: You don't think they know each other?

Russel Ferguson: They couldn't! Stardust's been asleep for 10 months!

Skyla: Mind explaining this to us, Stardust?

Stardust: I wish I could, but I'm very sleepy. [falls asleep]

[later that night]

Rarity: [closes the second panel] That was close, through all that excitement I almost forgot to close the panel. [then she sees Tinkerputt carrying Stardust] Hmm?

[slowly and quietly, she follows him]

Rarity: What is Tinkerputt doing?

[inside the tent, Tinkerputt places Stardust one one of the machines]

Marry: Lucario is probably here to take Stardust back to Dragony Land.

Tinkerputt: Sounds likely.

Marry: He belongs there, we never should've taken him from there.

Tinkerputt: I know what I'm doing, Marry!

Marry: Father, please. Listen to me. I have a bad feeling something will go horrible wrong.

Tinkerputt: I've worked so hard, and waited so long for this day, and now it's showtime! [activates the machine]

Stardust: [awakens] Huh? Hey, what?

Tinkerputt: With your help, you'll make my own wish come true! [shows a glass case with a fragment of fossil in it.]


Tinkerputt: Ladies and gentlemen I give you a real, breathing, Alidragon!

[places the fossil in his machine and starts it up, but then it starts to short circuit and then the whole thing collapses]

Man: That's the Alidragon? It's not big!

Tinkerputt: Wait, I need a higher energy source! I can bring back an Alidragon!

Man: Enough of this nonsense! You're no longer welcome in this lab.

Tinkerputt: Grr! This isn't the last you see from me!

[back in the present]

Tinkerputt: And now, I'll show them!

Marry: Father.

Tinkerputt: Now, Stardust provide me with the energy I need!

Stardust: I don't wanna!

Tinkerputt: Then so be it. Gengar, use psychic.

[Gengar then starts to psychic on Stardust]

Stardust: AAHHHH!!!!!!

Lucario: Lu!

Stardust: AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!

Rarity: [gasp] I've got to get the others! [races for the bus]

Lucario: LU!!! [he kicks the bars several times]

Stardust: [groans]

Marry: [moans]

[soon Rarity races into the bus]

Rarity: Wake up! Wake up! [she then races to the driver seat and honks the horn]

[everyone wakes up]

Tiger: WAH!!

Brian: Tired.

Rarity: Tinkerputt has Stardust! And he has him hooked up to a machine!

Sweetie Belle: WHAT?!

Smudger: Let him play with him. Now go back to sleep.

Duncan: Come on, Smudger. [biffs him]

Smudger: Uhhhh!!!!

Patrick: Don't worry, Stardust. We're coming for ya!

[Stardust is still groaning]

Smudger: I can't believe I'm doing this.

Duncan: Maybe you should be turn back into a generator.

Smudger: No, no, no, no!

Duncan: Then zip your groaning, and shut up!

[then a beam shoots up at the comet]

Yuna: Whoa! Look at that!

[The beam strikes down]

Tinkerputt: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

[everyone races in]

Stardust: Ugh. Ugh!

Apple Bloom: [gasp]

Scootaloo: STARDUST!!

[Stardust groaning]

Sweetie Belle: Are you okay?!

Tinkerputt: Wow, what energy! Now I just have to harness it!


Tinkerputt: I'll take care of it.

Scootaloo: What? NO!!

Marry: Father, please stop now before it goes too far!

Tinkerputt: No! I will not stop!

Marry: I don't even want this!

Tinkerputt: Marry!

Button Mash: Okay, let's go!

[they race off]

Tinkerputt: Gengar, stop them!

[Gengar then grabs them and starts pulling them in]

Spongebob: Ah! [grabs their tails and pulls back]

[Gengar and Spongebob are now in a tug-of-war]

Spongebob: [grunting]

Jolteon: [uses thundershock] Go!

Stardust: I wish to go home. I wanna go back to Dragony land.

Button Mash: Where's that?

Marry: Come on!

[they all race out]

Tinkerputt: Gengar, don't let them escape!

[then Lucario gets out of the cage]

Lucario: Lu! [use aura sphere]

Tinkerputt: Whoa!

Lucario: [races after our heroes]

Tinkerputt: Houndoom, go!

[Tinkerputt's Houndoom comes out]

Tinkerputt: After them!

Hounddom: [races out]

Sonata Dusk: Hey look! It's Tinkerputt's bus!

Adagio Dazzling: After it! Stardust is ours'!

[then Tinkerputt's Houndoom catches up top the bus and places a tracking device on the back]

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